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Title: Uniting the Pars (Tajik) peoples into ONE
Post by: Ahhangar on June 24, 2008, 08:55:46 AM
Dear all,
This is a thread where we can bring news and have discussions on all the developments - be they POLITICAL/ECONOMIC/GEOGRAPHICAL/IDEATIONAL/INSTITUTIONAL that are for and against Pars (Tajik) unity across the world.

This means topics about the economic development of (Pars) Tajik inhabited regions of the world - and especially those developments which make for close ties between the core nations of Tajikistan Afghanistan and Iran - and the developments in the surrounding areas which affect the development of Iran Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Political developments - from political policies that favour stronger ties to those that inhibit it - within the core nations or amongst the diaspora  - we need to know about it all.

Institutional being the development of institutions which are for the upkeep of our language and culture.

And so on...

  • What attracts us together ?

    A sense of linguistic/ethnic commonality and one history. We are the orginal DEHGANAN of KHURASAN.

    I.e. Common PARS ethnicity Parsi language and culture.... we are the DEHGANAN of KHURASAN

    • We need to increase this sense of togetherness and communality by discrediting the false divisions put in between us by others.
    • We need to propagate the singular name of our language, that of PARSI, and stamp out the use of terms like "Farsi" , "Tajiki" and "Dari" - which give the impression of division.
    • How do we convince people that PARSI is the correct name of this language?
      • We need to make it clear that the term "Farsi" is Arabic for Parsi.
      • We need to make it clear that the term "Tajiki" is Turkic for Parsi.
      • We need to make it clear that the term "Dari" is short for Parsi e Dari, which is a name that refers to the Parsi used in classical poetry and not the Parsi spoken in Kabul or Afghanistan or anywhere.

    • To explain the difference in accents and words used by Parsi speakers of different areas :
      • We need to make it clear that our Parsi language has many geographically specific accents/dialects, where there a some words used in any one local is not necessarily used in the same sense in another local. We have to explain that this mainly due to the fact that Parsi speakers are so vastly spread and that the terrain of the Iranian plateau means that people have become isolated in their own locals and thus developed certain accents.
      • We need to propagate that the correct names of these different geographically specific accents of Parsi :
      • I.e. Parsi e Kabuli, Parsi e Dushanbe, Parsi e Tehrani, Parsi e Bokhara, so and so forth adding upto over 1000+ different accents/dialects.

What aim do we have?

The good of our people.

e.g. Increasing the standard of living of Pars Tajik) peoples; and eventually all the neighboring Iranic peoples

How do we achieve those aims?

By economic activity and the establishing civil institutions.

e.g. Agricultural, Industrial, Educational... activities of the Pars (Tajik) peoples.

What should the ultimate representative of our venture be?


e.g. The STATE of KHORASAN; and eventually a bigger greater IRAN


Title: Uniting the Pars (Tajik) peoples into ONE
Post by: knowledge on September 20, 2008, 11:47:57 AM
doroode bar shoma aghay ahhangar!!

khyli topic ghashang

keep up the good work

Title: Re: Uniting the Pars (Tajik) peoples into ONE
Post by: Ahhangar on November 20, 2008, 03:24:45 PM
The space that is Afghanistan is the the key to the whole bigger region - once it is fully under the control - especially the northern half of it -  then our ability to influence events in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan will greatly increase - especially as Tajikistan become less dependent on Uzbekistan thanks to its southern routes becoming secure and safe for trade.

War will be the required tool in Afghanistan - but not neccessarily so for Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan.  Trade will mean that even the Uzbeks within Uzbeks will learn Persian - nevermind the Tajiks.  Turkmenistan will follow in the same pattern - being surrounded by Perso-phone states.

'Afghanistan' - Khorasan- is the key - when that is achieved then the other desired outcomes which look near impossible now - will then be possible and maybe even easy.

Karimov is at the moment proped up with US military aid - like Saddam - and no doubt he will end up with a Saddam like end.