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Title: Why?
Post by: Khurasani on October 09, 2007, 07:37:54 AM
It is well known fact proven by history that those who do not learn from the history are bound to repeat their past mistakes. We Tajiks are one of the classic examples of those who cannot learn from the past. We as a people have continually failed to define our future because we never learned from our past. Time and again we missed opportunities to take the reign of our future and be the master of our own destiny. So, it seems, we are condemned to relive our past in a cycle of perpetual occupation and rule by our enemies. A brief look into the last few decades can very well reveal our failure as a people. We sacrificed thousands of our young Tajiks to defeat soviets. Our cities, villages, men, women, children, old and young have suffered heavily, but what was all our suffering for? To be dominated and ruled by foreigners and their despicable puppets again? Today again the foreign forces are imposing this artificial unity on us and lead us into another dark dungeon until we are completely extinct. When are we going to stand up like brave people of the world, like Kosovars, Chechen, Kashmiris, and Palestinians and fight for independence and survival of Tajiks? This fight for survival will start only when we get up from the slumber of ignorance, look around us and ask the powerful question of what is happening to us and why!!

Why our currency shouldn

Title: Why?
Post by: Khurasani on October 09, 2007, 07:38:31 AM
Why the name of the city of Balkh was changed to Mazar and Sabzwar of Heart to Sheendand?
In pursuit of their policy of Pushtunizaton of our country, the Pushtuns have always tried to erase the identity of Tajiks. One aspect of this attempt is changing the name of our villages and cities and particularly the historical places which are they symbols of Tajik’s history. They have changed the names of a lot of places. For example, they changed the name of the Balkh to Mazar and the Sabzwar to Sheendand. Balkh is one of the oldest cities in the history of mankind and is the home of Tajiks since time immemorial. Our Zardusht (Zoroaster) was born in this city and died in this city. Many Tajik kingdoms rose from this city. During the occupation of Arabs, the resistance of Khorasanis started from Balkh under the leadership of Abu Muslim Khorasani. Abu Muslim Khorasani, a hero and symbol of Tajiks against foreign occupation was born in this city. During and after the occupation of Arabs, many prominent families and kingdoms rose here. Barmakis (Barmakids or Barmecides) a prominent Tajik family rose from this city into prominence. Saman Khuda, the founder of the Samanids, was native of this city. However, the Pushtun governments tried to erase the deeply historical name of Balkh by renaming it as Mazar. Never fall prey to the evil design of Pushtuns. They are not our friends but a deadly foe that will do anything to erase our past and our history.

Why should we study Pushto?
Learning a foreign language is not bad. However, to be forced to learn a foreign language is horrible. Those of you who went to school in the so-call Afghanistan remember how we were forced to learn Pushto. Why we Tajiks should learn Pushto? Here is not a question of choice. If a person wishes to learn Pushto, French or German, it is their business but no body should be forced to learn any languages. The Pushto language was imposed on us because Pushtuns wanted to promote their language as the official language of the so-called Afghanistan. More than ninety five percent of Pushtuns themselves are illiterate but the Pushtuns Governments were trying and wanted Tajiks to learn their language. We Tajiks do not need to deal with the Pushtu language, we do not need to learn it, certainly we do not need to speak it. We just do not have to put up with this barbaric and criminal behavior of Pushtuns wanting to Pushtunize us. Our time, energy and resources are best-spent learning useful foreign languages such as English, German or French. We do not have to tolerate the imposition of Pushtu on us.

Why Pushtu was elevated as an official language?
The language of Pushtu is spoken only by Pushtuns. Even majority of Pushtuns who moved and settled in Tajik cities such as Kabul, Balkh, Kunduz, Herat and elsewhere, lost the Pushtu language and can no more speak it. In most cases they do not even like the Pushtu themselves. So why is it that the Pushtun governments were trying to elevate the Pushtu language as the official language and therefore requiring its teaching in schools.
The answer lies in the fact that they wanted to dominate our land and our Tajiks, and firmly grasp our land in their bloody claws. The best way to do that, they thought, would be to cut Tajiks from their past and Pushtunize them by any means possible including by alienating them from their own language Dari and imposing the language of Pushtu on them. So they elevated Pushtu as the official language and thus requiring every Tajik and other non-Pushtuns to learn it as a subject in school. One time they even tried to go one step further and teach every subject in Pushtu and get rid of Tajiks’ language once and for all. Although they did not succeed in this plot but they managed to keep the artificial status of Pushtu as “the official language” and thus keep it as a weapon for promoting their domination. When you pick up a newspaper that is published in Dari, you will see the Pushtu. Why can they have their own publication and let our publishers devote their resources to our language. Why our passport should not have any word of Dari? Why our newspapers and magazines should be burden with their language? Why shouldn’t our TV and radio be paying attention to what is important to us?

Why should we help them occupy our country?
Every Tajik should take a firm stance for his country and his people. You can be either a Tajik or the so-called Afghan. You can not be both. To accept and live comfortably under this stamp of shame is the ultimate form of treason towards our Tajik nation, our forefathers, history, culture, and identity. It is a matter of great shame to label ourselves as “Afghan” and thus help the occupying Afghans (Pushtuns) dominate and trivialize our very existence. Be true to yourself, to your root and proudly acclaim to the world that yes we are Tajik, we are not Afghans. Be proud of your history, culture, and great forefathers. Do you want to be associated with your great people and figures such as Avicenna, whose book was being used in Europe until 16th century, or to the lice ridden backward homosexual Afghans?

Why should we put up with their ruthless assault on our identity?
Have you heard the expression “Everybody from Afghanistan is Afghan”? Have you ever asked yourself where this expression came from? This is not a casual expression but a very well designed tool to psychologically batter us into submission. Pushtuns want to dominate us and how they have been planning to do that? It is simple. To dominate us they have been

Destroying our identity by labeling us with this artificial and shameful label “Afghan”
Cutting us from our past by preventing us from learning the truth about our past.
Destroying our language by promoting and imposing their language on us.
Creating settlement of Pushtuns inside Tajik cities and villages.
Injecting themselves into whatever is Tajik, stealing our heritage and history. Any Tajik personality for example, Ibn-e-Sina, is now called Afghan personality. Whatever is part of Tajik history is now claimed to be of Afghan history.
Creating myth of Pushtun majority.
Displacing Tajiks from their ancestral places in moving them in the already Pushtunised part of country while resettling Pushtuns in Punjsher. This is what Taliban had also planned.
Installing Pushtuns in powerful and decision making positions in Tajik cities and villages, no matter how incompetent.
Populating Tajik cities and villages with Pushtuns. They resettled Pushtuns in Kabul, Balkh, Badakhshan, Harat, Jalalabad, Kunduz (Kuhan Dazh or Ancient Fort), and many more places. As late as 1970s, Pushtun tribes and nomads were brought into our country with our money and planted among us. These Pushtuns were from various places including Pushtuns from Dera Doon of India.

Why the expression of “Everybody from Afghanistan is Afghan” was created?
Pushtuns have always been trying to strengthen their political grasp of our country. They can not do that if we Tajiks know our history, our culture and identity. So to dominate us, they resorted to such campaigns of brain washing with such artificial, cheap, and intimidating slogans. The aim of this expression is to intimidate us, cut us from our history, and impose their will on us. The real meaning of this expression is:

Afghanistan is for Afghans (Pushtuns). Any body born here should accept this or leave the country. Our history is Afghan history. Afghanistan has existed for thousands of years and Afghans have ruled this country for thousands of years. So if you are not Afghan, then you do not belong to this country. Uzbeks have come from Uzbekistan, Tajiks from Tajikistan….

This expression takes away the right of any non-Pushtun to be who they are. This expression takes away from their humanity. To kill a nation all you have to do kill its memory. This intimidating expression is designed to serve this purpose, kill us by killing our memory of us and our past. So it is very important for Tajiks to loudly and clearly say: WE ARE NOT AFGHANS WE ARE TAJIKS!!!

Why our music should be affected and destroyed by these Indian immigrants?
Do you know what happened to our own Tajik musical tradition? Many centuries before Europeans, we had musicians who composed and wrote notes. What happened? Why are we letting those Indian immigrants such as Qasim ju, Sarhaang etc. to destroy our own roots by importing their music and labeling it as ours? Why are we so accepting of them and not even known about our own musical traditions?

Title: Why?
Post by: Khurasani on October 09, 2007, 07:39:52 AM
Why the demography of our land has changed?
It is because of our ignorance and indifference. Four hundred years ago there were no signs of Pushtuns in our country, but today they have managed to occupy and settle many parts of it. Not only that but they have successfully merged themselves into our culture and history and effectively altered our identity. Now talk about anything of our ancient history, they claim it as their own. It has gotten to the point that they claim to be the original inhabitant of this land and Tajiks are merely immigrant from other countries. As the events of the post 9/11 show, Tajiks still have not learned their lesson and once again from a position of strength, came back to be dominated by Pushtuns. So how Pushtuns have managed to dominate our country in the first place? The answer is very simple. The main reason that Pushtuns have been able to encroach into our country is the lack of leadership among Tajiks and their unwillingness to do anything about the Pushtun’s encroachment onto our lives. If they came and bought a piece of land in Tajiks’ city or village, we did not understand the severity and danger of it and did not prevent it. If they brought their whole tribe and settled among Tajiks, we did not do anything about it. We did not even once in the name of Tajik and their interest rose and said a word.
Now that the Pushtun domination once again began, how should we prevent further Pushtunization of our country?

The line of defense begins first with each of us individually. You can not talk about Tajik’s interest if you identify yourself as Afghan. So drop this mark of shame and proudly, openly, and clearly declare:

I am Tajik
I am not Afghan.

In this round of Pushtun domination, they will resort to any thing to further Pushtunize our country. One of their tactics will be settling of Pushtun tribes under different pretexts in Tajik cities and villages. Under the guise of democracy, reasoning that any citizen should be able to settle anywhere, they will bring their Pushtuns from every part of the world and settle them in Tajiks areas to further weaken, destabilize, demoralize Tajiks and strengthen their own Pushtun base. These people are not reasonable and descent people. So do everything in your power to defeat them. If these roaches shows up in your villages or cities,

1. Do not consider them as guest
2. Do not consider them as “Muslim brothers” because they are very ill intentioned people
3. Do not show them a friendly face
4. Do not say hello to them
5. Do not make friendship with them.
6. Do not let them in your house.
7. Do not rent houses to them.
8. Do not buy from them anything even a minor thing costing a penny
9. Do not sell to them anything even a minor thing costing a penny.
10. Do not do any kind of business with them.
11. Buy their land, if they are already there, so that they get lost from our home. But never ever sell land to them. Selling land to them should be considered a crime and treason to Tajiks and those who commit this act should be punished.
12. Do not believe anything they say
13. Do not believe any government official who even work with Pushtuns
14. If they somehow are in your cities, and villages, make them go. Use any method to harass them and make their lives so miserable so that they voluntarily leave.
15. Do not marry them. Do not marry their women or their men. Marriage between them and us should be considered treason and those who violate should be punished. Because it is those kind of people who put everybody else in danger.
16. Do anything, in any way possible to keep them away from us. These people are savages and nothing good will ever come of them. It is in our best interest to seek separation from them.

Why Pushtuns were settled from as far as India’s Deradoon area, with special flights of Araina Airline?
In the 1970s, I have been witness to many batches of Pushtuns that were brought from India with special Ariana Airline flights to our country. Who the hell are these people who think they can gather all their lice infested Pushtuns and place them among Tajiks? Doesn’t this act sound the alarm bells to you Tajik? Why nobody said anything about them? Why nobody did anything about them? Of course nobody could say anything directly to these tyrants and dictators. But was it so difficult to make these smelly people who are imposed on us unwelcome? How difficult is to use your imagination? This act of settling Pushtuns from India (their original home) says a lot about the intention of Pushtuns. So why would a person in his right mind think of living with Pushutns in one country? Our best interest lies in separation from Pushtuns. Once we separate, I could care less if they bring all their smelly and dirty Pushtuns under one roof in their own country.

Why Kochis are given lands in non-pushtun areas?
Many of Pushtuns still retain their nomadic life style. During the rule of Pushtun governments, many of these nomads were given free land in Tajik areas; in line with their policy of pushtunizing our country. However, still an estimated 2-3 million Pushtuns live in their old way of life in different countries. Now in recent months, there have been talks about “resettling” these Pushtun nomads in our country. This time the puppet regime will receive the blessing and backup of the UN as well. You are rest assured that these Pushtuns will end up in Tajiks’ areas. Pushtuns’s policy and trend of Pushtunization will continue as long as one Pushtuns is in power. The UN and the people should know that these nomads do not belong to a particular country. These Pushtuns, like the rest of Pushtuns before them, have always had nomadic life style. It is not that they were living in our country and were displaced by war. Why not “resettle” them in Iran, in Pakistan, or in India where they have been roaming around all along? Why dump these garbages on us? The incompetent UN should understand that their help for one group of people will result in injustice to another group of people. And we Tajiks should be aware of UN and other foreigner because they can care less about us.

Why Pushtuns are mixing themselves with this land and its history?
Thanks to our indifference and naivet

Title: Why?
Post by: Khurasani on October 09, 2007, 07:40:22 AM
Why shouldn’t we be known as ourselves?
Why shouldn’t we be recognized as the people that we really are. Why shouldn’t we be known as Tajiks? Why shouldn’t we be known and recognized as people who are linked with great individuals such as Rumi, Avicenna, Omar Khayyam or Khwarizmi? Why shouldn’t we be proud of our identity instead of being associated to this shameful name of “Afghan”? Nobody in the world has the right to label us as they wish. We are what we are. We are Tajiks. We are not Afghans. We are not Persians. We are simply us, Tajiks.
If you do an internet search with the word Tajiks, you will come across things written by all people about Tajiks that makes you profoundly proud. However, when you do an internet search with the word Afghan, you will end up with a list of hand woven rugs (not carpets), dogs, homosexuals, drugs, and now terrorists. Are you happy associating yourself with the latter or the former?

Why our young and educated people are absent?
Those who set in front of a computer and type in English can be safely called educated and one can expect them to have some interest and ability for discussion about our country, history, or political situation. But where are they on the net. I have created a safe zone for them to seriously, openly, and without interruption and distraction discuss their people’s situation and exchange with each other and with the world. Yet you can always see a lack of interest in serious mature discussion except for a few conscientious people. On the contrary, I have noticed many other “discussion forum” where they are involved in useless, circular discussions, with the most ignorant and idiotic Pushtuns and it seems as if they are in some kind of competition as to who post the greater number of posts and vulgarity in the forum. Sadly, it gives some hint as to what kind of future we Tajiks are heading to.

A while back I noticed a function at a school where all foreign students were displaying their native clothes to all students. I noticed a Pushtun girl with her Pushtun clothes on her, introducing it as the common clothes of our country. I wondered where were our young Tajiks with our own typical Tajiks clothes introducing it to the world.

Why we never recognize our enemies?
The events of 9/11 brought the removal of Pushtuns Taliban from power and right then and there was a great opportunity to defeat these aggressive people once and far all and just break away from them for the sake of our future. But what happened afterwards is a clear demonstration of the incompetence of our so-called leaders. The leaders who sacrificed so many of our young people for no purpose.

Lack of vision:
Our so-called leaders never had any clear vision of what they wanted and what is good for their people. Their sole objective was to defeat the Pushtun Taliban and then, they thought, they could live with them in peace happily ever after. This is an absolute failure of recognition of Pushtuns mentality and character. To expect them to be peaceful, descent, fair and just people is an absolute fatal mistake.

Lack of political/historical sophistication:
Our so-called leaders failed to recognize the objectives of both Pushtuns and the United States after 9/11. Prior to the 9/11, the United State could care less if we were ruled by Nazis, savage Pushtun Taliban, or our country is swallowed by Pakistan. They absolutely showed no interest in our welfare or freedom as human beings, and on top of that it was their oil corporation and allies that had propped up the savage Pushtun Talibans in the first place.

After the 9/11, the United States security needs demanded that Pushtun Taliban along with their Arab masters be removed and our country be controlled by USA. They do not care about freedom, justice, equality or true democracy for us. These are just nice words for public consumption and deception. All the United States wants after 9/11, is absolute control over our country for very long time. But they obviously are not stupid to come militarily and just occupy it by force. The way they want to control it is by installing a puppet who will dance to any music they play. So our so-called leader failed to see this and trusted the United States thoroughly as if they are their cousins.

The Phony Meeting of Bonn:
The meeting of Bonn should have been a clear warning as to the intention of the US. This was supposedly a meeting between all factions and those factions unanimously elected Hamid Karzai as interim president. This is absolutely false. As soon as 9/11 happened, the US was ready to remove Pushtun Taliban and install a puppet government. They did not have to search hard to find this puppet. They already had relation with Hamid Karzai and had him in mind for the position of Puppet presidency. So in the phony Bonn meeting Karzai was not elected by different factions but was handpicked by US. So why our so-called leaders give in and accepted him? Why they did not see the intentions of the US? Why they did not realize that Karzai was working for the US and for revival of Pushtuns hegemony? Letting a Pushtun to be a leader is like letting a bank robber to be the bank guard. Why nobody in the so-called Bonn meeting did not protest and very readily accepted this puppet?

The Phony Power Sharing Mechanism:
This is yet another warning as to the intention of US and their puppets. The US all along has been trying to push aside the other leaders so that their puppet can gain absolute power and control. The so called power sharing mechanism was another attempt to temporarily satisfy/deceive our leaders and people. First of all, if this power sharing mechanism is supposed to create ethnic power balance, then why it is not permanent. What will happen after the interim period? Who will fill the position of a post held by Tajik if he/she dies? Who has the power to remove these people form their position? One can ask thousands of questions but the bottom line is that this structure was nothing permanent but an attempt to buy time for the US puppets until they gain enough power to do as they wish. This so-called power sharing setup was nothing but a means to promote Pushtuns and their dominance. Why no body questioned this phony and funny mechanism during the Bonn meeting? Why everybody so readily accepted it? Why so many posts were voluntarily left for Pushtuns to control? What will happen to this mechanism after the phony election?

The fake Shora (Grand Council):
From the Bonn meeting until the so-called grand council which was staged, one can see the steady rise of Pushtun domination and the support of US for this domination. Where were our leaders during this Council? What have they been doing? Are they scared of US? Are they in bed with US and their puppets? Why they by default assume we can trust Pushtuns? Why they have been granting every kind of undeserved concessions to our enemies, the Pushtuns? Why they are scared to talk about what are the interests of Tajiks?

The phony Constitution:
The United States has a lot of experience propping up puppet governments around the world with staged elections, phony leaders, and phony constitutions. This constitution is only designed to protect the interest of the United States and the interest of the United State is to be in control of our country using a proxy, which is Hamid Karzai. In this constitution every attempt is made to promote the dominance of Pushtuns, the power of puppet president, and setup a central authoritarian government. This constitution is overly concerned about ensuring an absolute power for puppet president. This is the reason why the US did not allow the system with prime minister as it will not allow their puppet to have sweeping powers. The American promised parliament is just a promise. It will not materialize as many delusional people have dreamed. Make not mistake about it. Even if there is a parliament, how difficult it will be for Americans to control it. Any parliament in which there are Pushtuns will not function and serve our interest but it will be merely a rubber stamp for the puppet president.
The sad part is not that Americans are trying to promote Pushtuns and Pushtuns are seeking dominance. The sad part is that our so-called leaders are just zombies and do not do anything about it. Why they did not protest to contents of the constitution. Why they did not realize the danger of this vague constitution which can be manipulated to suit the interests of Pushtuns? Why they did not protest the measures which promote the dominance of Pushtuns? How can they accept to sit comfortably in their offices under the pictures of Zahir, the so-call father of nation?

Why they have accepted the sweeping power of the puppet president?
According to the so-called Bonn agreement, there should be power sharing among different ethnic groups and factions. How long that power sharing was to continue? Until the phony election and until Hamid Karzai is permanently imposed? Then what? He is in interim period now and is firing the other leaders left and right from the positions that were supposed to be for them according to Bonn agreement. What will happen when he is permanently imposed with nothing to control him? Why they do not have a mechanism to keep the ethnic power sharing balance in place? Or do they think that after a phony election we all live happily ever after in brotherhood?

What happened to Ustat Mohaqiq?
Wasn’t he supposed to be in his position according to the Bonn agreement? Then what happened? He has been in that country and fought against Pushtun Savages? All to be removed by the same recycled Pushtuns again? Why there is no such mechanism to prevent the puppet president to from such action? Why no body is raising their voice? Why no Tajiks or Uzbeks in this government is raising their voice? Why people are not raising their voice? Do not let the Pushtuns and their master, the US, get away?

Title: Why?
Post by: Khurasani on October 09, 2007, 07:40:54 AM
Who is next?
The US and their Pushtun servants did not have any intention of working with our leaders from the very beginning. But they had to pretend for some time. As time passes each one of these leader will be isolated, removed from position of power and influence and eventually be eliminated one by one, step by step. It is a matter of time. The fundamental flaw with these so-called leaders is that they do not realize what do they want and how to achieve it? They want to live in one country peacefully and with equality with Pushtuns. That is not going to happen. Living with Pushtuns in one country is like living with thousands of snakes in a small room. Now imagine what will happen to you in that room. As you might have observed the US has been trying to disarm us and not Pushtuns. Wait and see their action when we are fully disarmed.

Why the myths of Pushtuns majority still exist?
Pushtuns have successfully created the myth that they are the majority in our country. We know it is not true but merely a creation of previous Pushtun governments and those of their foreign supporters. But why none of our leaders did not counter this false claim of theirs. Pushtuns are not the majority as they claim. It is absolutely a creation of Pushtun governments and do not have any factual basis.

Why tolerate the Pushtuns hypocrisy and conspiracies?
We all know and always heard of the great hue and cry Pushtuns make about the so-called Durand Line and the “separation of Pushtun brethren” along with it. Whatever perception Pushtuns might have of their history, today the Durand Line forms a recognized boundary between the two countries. Pakistani Pathans and those on our side , though of same roots , have different distinct nationalities and loyalty obligations to their respective countries.

Now the important question is if a Pushtun can talk, advocate and work for the unity of Pushtuns, disregarding the national boundaries, then why we can not be working for the unity of our own Tajiks?! If Pushtuns, both Pakistani and Afghanistani, try to justify their efforts on the basis of common roots, culture, language then why we should avoid a similar effort to unify our own Tajiks, in Tajikistan, Central Asian countries and Iran on the basis of a similar justification. After all we have more in common with them then we can ever have with Pushtuns.If Pushtuns claim the Durand Line was artificial then so is the case with the boundaries between Iran, and today's central Asian countries. If Pushtuns can claim they have a common roots, culture, language and tradition with Pakistani Pushtuns then so we have common roots, history, culture, language with Tajikistan, Iran and the rest of Central Asian countries.

Nobody of us, the Tajiks or Uzbecks, have made any such claim or effort, but imagine what will happen if we did? Wouldn't that be considered an act of treason? Wouldn't it be considered an act of betrayal to the national integrity of the existing country? Wouldn't that be considered an act against the freedom of the country? I am sure that it will be the target of barrage of accusations but how come Pushtuns so comfortably talk and justify their own efforts in this line?! How come they are more loyal to their own ethnic group rather to the country as a whole?! Think about it, in every side and corner you see hypocrisy and conspiracy against us. As always, I reiterate that the only logical and possible solution of our problems is to separate from these unprincipled people, Pushtuns.

Why are we so actively self destructing our image and identity?
Have you ever been asked about your nationality or ethnicity? Have you ever filled a form specifying your nationality or ethnicity? What did you answer? Did you answer honesty and truthfully or jumped on the band wagon of others and said: “Afghan”? If you said “Afghan” then you really have cooperated with the occupying Afghans in destruction of your identity, history, and culture. If you really said you are Afghan, then you have exchanged and sold so cheaply, your glorious history, culture, identity, and thus dignity for an identity which is clearly of a barbaric and uncivilized people.

Title: Why?
Post by: Khurasani on October 09, 2007, 07:41:28 AM
Imagine what happens if you introduce yourself as Afghan to somebody. The word Afghan conjures up, to say the least, the following images in the mind of common people around the world.

A savage and barbaric people with illiterate diplomats.

An uncultured people who destroy cultural heritage of the world. In the 5th century, Tajik built these magnificent statues and these barbaric people destroyed it.

The only people on earth who helped create the term gender apartheid.

Why trade our good name and good culture for this imposed meaningless name. We only can change this trend. No heavenly power will magically appear and erase this mark of shame from our faces. Only we can discard it. Are you willing to associate yourself with these uncivilized and backward people?

Never ever, in any place, on any occasion and situation, even utter the word “Afghan”
Never ever in any situation or occasion allow anybody else to call you and label you with this name
Teach foreigners, children, old people, and ignorant people about this misnomer.
Whenever people ask me about my country or ethnicity: I say, proudly and clearly, that I am Tajik from Khorasan. If they do not know it then I explain. Unless, you take action personally, nothing is going to change.

Please read it Completely;
Taken From : http://members.tripod.com/~khorasan/Miscellaneous/why.html

Title: Why?
Post by: Khurasani on October 09, 2007, 07:57:14 AM
Posteb by Nastoh: (I edited the topic, So your post was removed sorry for that)

Those so-called Tajiks who are in Kazai's cabinet, they have to read this. They have kept quiet and have accepted Pashtuns domination. In other words Pashtuns have bought them so they keep quiet and let things go according what Pashtun dictators want. Currency is in Pashto, national anthem is in Pashto, symbols and logos of ministries and government institutions are in pashto. Passports, visas, airplane tickets, citizenship cards (Tazkera) etc are all in Pashto and even in English but there is no sign of Dari which is the dominant language in the country. These so called Tajiks and Hazaras who are around Karzai have no courage to do something about it. We have two national languages but so far I see only Pashto being imposed everywhere.

75% or

Title: Why?
Post by: Unity on October 14, 2007, 12:14:21 PM
Dear Exceptional,

How can you say he is racist? i am not here to defend him or anybody else, since i dont know anyone here personally, the others can verify my claim.  the admin/s has repeatedly called for the participants not make any racist remakrs, you can see it in the Annoucemetn page.  And yes, we are all taking this site seriousely, i mean those ppl who really feel the need of forums like this.  i was searching alot on the interent to find somehitng like this but nothing was there, here you are, we got it now and we take is serious.  i appreciate your disscussions with us no matter what ethnicity you got.  as long as you respect us, we farsi speakers will respect you.  there might be some ppl with racist ideas or posts, but i am sure they have got nothing to do with the admin.  once again, wellcome to the forum and enjoy your time with us.

brothertan Rika Khana

Title: Why?
Post by: Unity on October 15, 2007, 12:59:59 AM
i see exceptional's post is deleted.  please let him speak here, we will engage in civil talk with him and convince him.