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Title: Any online resources for sound bytes?
Post by: Lecturer on November 06, 2007, 12:26:21 AM
Hello to all. It is good to be here first of all.

I have to give a lecture in a few days and the topic of my speech will be the Farsi/Persian/Dari language. I wanted to use sound bytes of the different dialects of the Farsi language, such as that spoken by the people of different parts of the Farsi speaking world. The audience is mostly Iranians who have not had any exposure to dialects outside of their own Iranian community, and so it would be really interesting to see what their reactions would be to hear others speaking the language east of Iran.

I would like any help you can offer for the following dialects:

Kabuli, Qandahari, Herati, Dushanmbe, and any other city (such as Bokhara and Samarqand) that you may feel would be interesting.

Thank you in advance!