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1  General / General Discussion / Modernization of Tajik culture on: May 23, 2008, 09:08:21 AM
Quote from: Afrasiab;9350
Faridun jani aziz, bisyor nazari purmuhtavo va peshnihodoti jolibro navishted.
Az barodaron uzr ki ba'ze andeshahoyamro ba forsi va khati lotini menavisam.

Banda chunin fikr mekunam, ki chunin bakhshhoi farhang (culture) chun rasmu an'anahoi milli va mazhabi, in mas'alai khele nozuk ast va har iqdomi digarsozi va modernsozi, ki dar in samt girifta meshavad, boyad khele bo ehtiyot anjom shavad. Va tahiyai tarhho va peshnihodho baroi modernsozii rasmu rusumi millivu mazhabi boyad az sui ravshanfikronu donishmandoni millat va mutakhassisonu ruhoniyoni varzidai mazhabi anjom shavad. (Vale in ma’noi onro nadorad ki tanho yak-du ziyoi va ruhoni haqi barrasi va digarsozii rasmu rusumro boyad doshta boshad. Mavzui modernsozii farhangi tojikiro boyad hama bahsu barrasi kunand, vale tarhe yo peshnihode, ki qabul meshavad, boyad az sui peshvoyoni varzidai ziyoi va ruhonii millat tarhrezi shavad).

Na misli “Qonuni tanzim”-i rayosati jumhurii Tojikiston, ki az suyi ideologhoi hukumati be yagon tahqiqu barrasii ziyoiyon va ruhoniyoni varzidai millat ba sari mardum bor shud va natijahoi on manfi ham hast va khohad bud ( yake az in natijaho on ast ki imruz dukhtari tojik beqadr shudaast va shumori taloqho chand barobar beshtar gashtaast, zero bo 500 dollar metavon khonador shud). Hukumati Tojikiston ba joi on ki khurofotro az bayn bubarad, bo qonuni navash rasmu rusumi millivu mazhabiro, ki jomeai tojikiro pobarjo medorad, tahti khatar mondaast.

Urfu odat va rasmu an'anoti millivu mazhabi (traditions) dar kull zerbinoi jomeai har qavmu millatand va naandeshida kam kardan yo zam kardani bakhshe az in zerbino metavonad yak omili rukudi in zerbino shavad. Har yak urfu odat va rasmu rusum zamone dar bayni mardum paydo shudaast va falsafai khudro dorad, ki onro na har vaqt metavon ba zudi dark kard.

Vale gap sari on ast, ki vaqte mo modernsozii an’anotu rasmu rusumi milli meguyem, namuna baroi mo kadom farhang boyad boshad? Yo umuman namunae ba mo dar in kor lozim ast? Va imruz kadom juz’hoi farhangi millii mo khurofot ast va boyad digarsozi shavad?

  Thank Your, dear Friend! Certainly, This code of law has a lot of shortcomings and it must be reconsidered. You are right. I have nothing more to add.
2  General / General Discussion / Modernization of Tajik culture on: May 23, 2008, 09:03:26 AM
Quote from: Nader Shah;9397
8) To develop the capacity for and practice independent thought and judgment in a rational manner (except in areas where irfan/philosophy and intuition provide an edge)
9) To stop putting relatives or hamshahri in positions of power (in government or business) and instead promote competent, experienced, and well-educated people who can get things done
10) To properly plan and allocate resources for the development of the country for 20 years ahead, and to be passionate about instead of being indifferent and enjoy the fat salaryies, and stop playing with their balls at their desk and react with short term patch solutions

  Thank You, dear Nadershah! Very good suggestions! If you have any more hidden in your pocket, please, dont be shy:), put them here.
3  General / General Discussion / Modernization of Tajik culture on: May 21, 2008, 08:23:22 PM
Quote from: Afrasiab;9294
In another theme our brother - PORS has told, that we Tajiks should modernize our traditions, our culture. The interesting opinion, but appears a question: how to modernize our traditions? To refuse some our traditions and to accept traditions of europeans? How it is possible to modernize our culture? Also what is the Tajik culture is?
What do you think about it?

Hello, Brother!  You have opened an important thread. Really as our dear friend Porsjon mentioned our culture should be modernized ( in a good sence, of course)

    What is culture? I refered to vocabulary and found:

culture- the sum total of the ways of life of a people; includes norms, learned behavior patterns, attitudes, and artifacts; also involves traditions, habits or customs; how people behave, feel and interact; the means by which they order and interpret the world; ways of perceiving, relating and interpreting events based on established social norms; a system of standards for perceiving, believing, evaluating, and acting.

    This definition can be employed in description of every singular culture, including tajik one, as a major abstract rule. In order to understand tajik culture we should reveal its singular elements within its common charasterics with the other cultures.
    I think that the cornerstone of tajik culture as a nation having been formed in 7-8 centr. on the ground of persian-eastern iranian elements in Central Asia is  a persianised islam weather it is hanafi, jaafari, or ismaili.The religion and mythology are the basis of every culture and they shape and develop it.  If we trace the development of tajik-persian culture and civilization we see that the spiriual push to further creation was given by religion in its different interpretations. Even the greek philosophy was interpreted under the light of tajik-muslim heritage.
  What do we mean by saying "persianized" islam? It is totally diferrent from arabic-bedouin islam or from indonesian islam which are centered only at Koran and hadith and lack an active creative intelectual and spiritual potential for further  increasingly development. Persianized islam is an  transformed and developed islam by means of the  rich preislamic iranian cultural heritage.
Such movements like Mutaazila, Shiizm, Sufizm, schools of  islamic  philosophy and etc. emerged on the ground of iranian system of thoght and believes.
  We can say that the tajik culture is a mixture of iranian preislamic and islamic elements which shape every side of tajik  identity begining from mystical trances :)or the way of philosophical thinking and ending with a form of dresses .
   If we exclude islam it means that we must say farewell to our 1400 years cultural heritage.
   To modernize tajik culture one should throw away elements that are old, senial  and pick out progressive ones and develop them.

   I think in Tajikistan we need these:

1) Separation of religion from state and policy, the abolition of Islamic party.
2) To recognise hanafi islam as spiritual and moral cornerstone of our culture.
3) To reduce arabic elements in everything (language, names, dresses etc.), except for praying and increase preislamic iranian heritage, espessialy Zoroastrian one, to the extend that doesnt contradict the essence of islam:?First -Quran, second- Shahnameh.
4) To shake off primitive prejudices and to develop the philosophical type of thinking, irfan (persian mysticism), persian past and present literature.
5) Dresses:Neither being covered like bedouins  nor being naked like western people.
6) Arts should reflect high values and aim at giving the people morality and arousing good feelings. (Not to show the breast, of course:))...
7) To accept progressive elements of european civilization which will not harm morality (science, technologies, etc.)
    If you have more ideas, please add.
4  General / General Discussion / Tha Official Shabnami surayo's stie on: May 20, 2008, 07:09:19 PM
Quote from: Afrasiab;9222
Iranian mullahs and the Tajik (Khorasanian) culture are different things.
Naked hips on a stage is not the Tajik culture. I think that 95% of the population of Tajikistan is agree with it.

   Thank You, my Brother! I would add : not 95, but 99,9% of Tajikistanies dont like when tajik girl show her intime  parts of the body trying to attract someone`s preversed attention. In Tajikistan you seldom see tajik girl with a open breast, but such sort of girls mostly were broght up in russian oriented enviorenment, who have totally forgotten their tajik mentality and tossed away true tajik traditional and cultural values. Though I respect Nadershah and others, but I want to remind them that when they mention the word "Tajik" they should refrain from all of the western stereotipes of looking at tradition, culture and morality. Khorasanian society is   truely a traditional society which cannot afford any moral and spiritual degradation. During 70 years of atheistic regime tajiks did not lose their moral nature, including  faith in God. Nadershah always condemns islam as being an arabic stuff imposed on iranians, bu he doesnt notice (or doesnt want to notice) that  he himself tries to impose on us western values that contradict the very essence of tajik way of living. When we speak about morality and spiritual values aiming only at teaching people how to be a human, he calls us "mulla". Pardon, we are neither mulla nor guru. We are human being whose destiny can be found just in living according to moral imperatives unlike animals and insects which act what their instincts order to do. Moral imperatives have nothing to do with such preversed notions as "mulla", "pope", "akhund", "guru", "priest", "sheykh", "pir", and etc.
   Shabnam Surayo is a good singer and we are proud of her. But it doesnt mean that we should stop condemning  her bad actions. We should try to correct her and make her relapse into tajik tradition and culture.

     Look at the beauty:

5  General / General Discussion / Friedrich Engels about persian language! on: May 19, 2008, 09:09:50 PM
Here is a letter by Friedrich Engels, prominent philosopher of 19 century, to Karl Marx in which He speaks about persian language:

6  General / General Discussion / Woman Naked on Webcam OK - Ayatollah MS Rohani on: May 13, 2008, 09:22:02 PM
Quote from: Nader Shah;8996
There were many Shiites in Iran even before the Safavids, including some of the most "asil" iranians were shiite to begin with (including Gilan). So, let's not blame Azeris again for everything. I am against organized religion, but the Safavids are also credited for reviving Iran once again from its ashes, and no they were not simply Azeri Turks, but had tati, gilaki, kurdish, and other ancestry. Without Safavids, Iran may not have existed except as a bunch of "stans". However, I agree there were many excesses in forcibly converting people and also alienating Sunni Persians and other Sunnis.

I am not supporting ayatollahs ... this was a kind of joke posted on ... please have a sense of humour.  However, unlike Sunni preachers, some Ayatollahs do give new fatvas which allow for evolution and change in the thinking of people, which is why Shiism will be better able to modernize and evolve than Sunnism ... although ideally, I would like both to be dead ... sorry

  Ahangar is right. Jaafari Shiizm which exists in Iran is not liberal.?May be in some questions of Fiqh it gives people a slight freedom but as a political doctrine is considered as heretical and antiliberal and antiindividual sect. Jaafari Shiizm is the product of westernpersian reaction to Omeyad sunni islam. Shiizm was formed among those persians who lived in western part of Iran - Iraq, syria, lebanon etc. But due to our open-minded ancestor who did not assent to his national emotions the northern persians- Khorasanians became untouched by shiizm. Hanafizm is persianized orthodoxial sunnizm. It is the most liberal schoool in Islam. Abu Hanifa persianized sunni islam. He took into account many iranians customs and traditions during passing fatwaas. He was the first man who used qiyas - analogy in fiqh which meant the ratiolanalization of religion. Imam Jaafar blamed him in herecy claiming that it was Satan who had used qiyas before by not bowing to Adam. Ahmad ibn Hanbal the father of pure arabic traditional sunni islam also cursed him.
  Unfortunately the disciples of Abu Hanifa , especially Abu Yusuf did not adhere to Abu Hanifa method of thinking and since that time this school became rigid and the process of persianization was stoped.
  I advise all of Iranians to become hanafits. :)
7  General / General Discussion / Woman Naked on Webcam OK - Ayatollah MS Rohani on: May 12, 2008, 01:04:34 AM
Quote from: PORS;8899
Fariduni gerami:

I find it (below video) very interesting and thus wanted to share with you.

Paarsi Version:
English Version:

Share your thoughts on that :) Cheers bro.


    Thank You Porsjon! I have listened and come to the conclusion which I had before. The king was right. He actually had wonderfull speech. And I wonder why Umar ibn Al-Khattab did not convert to Zoroastrizm after this:).
The politicians are politicians. Their words differ drastically from their deeds. I dont think He was a true worshipper of Ahura Mazda like nowadays arabic sheykhs are not true followers of Muhammad. If it were Zardusht himself or Mazdak who had sided with poor persian people I would have believed them. At that time persian society was ruined economicaly and morally. Shah could not find strong support of his folk. The deep disappointment ruled over persians. The preversed shah government could not tackle increasing social problems and shield society from the great blows of Fate. All of these solemn words to austere Umar ibn Khattab who unlike king of Persia clouthed ragged shirt and slept on the straw bed and by his deep?devotion to the IDEA inspired ignorant, fanatic, passionate and energetic arab bedouins to the victory  did not make a sence.
  The second. Truth doesnt belong to one nation. Only Hitler and like can claim this, depriving other nation`s right for having truth. Ahura doesnt belong only to persians. If He chose the prophet among bedouins for revealing Himself, we have no choise but accept it. It doesnt mean that we must not blame arabs for all of their crimes and atrocities committed to persians in the name of Allah (Ahura). Arabs betrayed the wishes and hopes of Muhammad as Yazdigird and mags did to the hopes of Zardusht.

    Thank You, Brother!
8  General / General Discussion / Woman Naked on Webcam OK - Ayatollah MS Rohani on: May 12, 2008, 12:38:33 AM
Quote from: Darius;8919
Torkan pishe mardan z-in pish dar Khorasan
Budand xaar o ajez hamchon zane sarai
Emruz sharm n-aayad azadezadegan ra
Kardan be pishe torkan posht az tama' dotai

Naser Khosrow

????? ??? ????? ??? ??? ?? ??????
????? ???? ? ???? ????? ?? ?????
????? ??? ???? ????? ?????? ??
???? ?? ??? ????? ??? ?? ??? ??????

???? ????

????? ???? ?????? ?-?? ??? ??? ???????
?????? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ?????
????? ???? ?-??? ??????????????
?????? ?? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ?????

?????? ??????

  Thank you, Brother! I found this poem in english in the internet. I was looking for persian version but in vain. Thank You for share. I am grateful.
9  Entertainment / Movies / Pat Condell - a good guy on: May 12, 2008, 12:17:24 AM
Quote from: PORS;8914
Enjoy the background music ;)

  Thank You Porsjon! Though it contains antireligious sayings, but listening to this marvellous music I have gotten into passionate ecstasy and I sank into the sea of the divine feelings that I felt the presence of my Beloved- GOD!:):) I have nearly uttered Mansur Al - Hallaj`s saying:"Your Spirit mixed with my Spirit little by little, by turns, through reunions and abandons.
And now I am Yourself, Your existence is my own, and it is also my will.!

   Thank You Brother! You are right everithing depends on how we look at things.
10  General / Geopolitical Studies and News / Khorsand Yarav - Future Tajik Newton? on: May 12, 2008, 12:06:38 AM
long Live Khursand!:) Tajiks are sons of Avicenna and Biruni:).

I am proud of being tajik.
11  General / General Discussion / Tajiks need Russian labour market more than any other on: May 11, 2008, 09:51:46 PM
Quote from: Darius;8921
Just wanted to mention Ahmad Kasravi among the Iranian Azeri patriots. Azeris are an inalienable part of our nation.

Dear Parsistani and Darius! I agree with you that azeri of Iran call themselves iranians and patriots for Iran. But azeris of Azerbayjan are panturkists in the fullest sence. I know a lot of azerbayjans who wish about Great Turan and they hate iranians and iranian culture. Even their scientists and scholars lead the war against  iranian heritage in turkspeaking countries.
  For example, one of the wellknown azerbayjani philosofer - Aydin Alizade published a book in russian last year with the name "Holiday Navruz and islamic doctrine" and spread it in all turkish world including Russia among tatars. In this book he claims that Navruz is a of ancient iaranian pagan tradition and it must not be celebrated by muslims. In Russia this book got highest popularity. In every mosques during collective praying the huge number  copies of this books were being sold. But fortunately in one of the regions of Russia - Samara this book seemed suspicious and one of the samarian authority who is engaged in religious matters Ayslu Yunusova applied to the court for banning of spreding the book and asked the court to recognize the book as extremist one which cause religiouse intolerance. Now the case is being heard. Who  wins, we dont know.
   Aydi Alizade is a prominent philosofer of Azerbayjan. He makes reserches in religions and He is known as antiiranian. He always say that only turks can show the true essence of Islam. And He himself confesses that his mentioned book has got antiiranian character to cleanse islam from iranian elements and thus to weaken iranocentered islam in the world.

   For those who know russian please go to this site to observe the court process about the book:
12  General / General Discussion / Nice Song From Afzalshoh Shodeov تاجیکستان کعبه ما - امام علی سرورش on: May 10, 2008, 11:43:45 PM
Quote from: Qumars;8853


  Avesome! Thanks Qumarsjon. Tajiks will never forget your efforts. Keep on, Brother!
13  General / General Discussion / Woman Naked on Webcam OK - Ayatollah MS Rohani on: May 10, 2008, 11:30:37 PM
Quote from: Nader Shah;8857
Maybe Tajiks should convert to Shia Islam so as to benefit from the directive of Ayatollah Rohani ;) It would also help unity with Iran

 Tajiks would better to be in persianazed  sunni Islam- Hanafizm.
  I want to add that Shiizm is herecy. The root of shii islam can be found in persian revolt against arabic oppression and nationalizm. Shiite islam is truely persian islam. Even the doctrine of hereditary ruling by Imams was the reflection of monarchic system of governing of persian people. We know that arabs before islam did not have either kings or any individual rulers whose legitimasy for ruling could be supplied just by the fact of birth.
  In history shiizm did a lot for persian people to keep their identity and to struggle for independence from arabs. One of the best persian who for the first time created an independent shiite state within Omeyad khalifate in Kufa was Mukhtar, whom, still now, the wahabbis hate and insult  in their books calling him "Mukhtara- Al-Kazzab"(i.e.Mukhtar Lier"). They say that he claimed to be prophet. But it is a bulls..., He was a persian and wanted just to be free from arabs abusing shiite version. But unfortunately Omeyads from west and Abdullah ibn Zubair (independent ruler of Hijaz) from?North succeded in suppressing his revolt. His head was cut off and sent to Abdullah ibn Zubair on the plate. Her wives were compelled to blame Mukhtar in his having called himself a new prophet. One of his wives refused and thus was killed with her 4 kids. I heard once that Iran made a great movie about him. You see, the same is being repeated even now. Arab Wahabies blame Mukhtar in their books in kufr, but Iran makes a movie to glorify him and his deeds. :)
  we can find many examples in history showing us that many persians used shiite islam for expressing their national identity. I dont remember the name But I know that one of Samanid rulers converted to Qaramatia sect within Shiizm.
  Even great poet Roudaki converted to qaramatia shiizm. It is understandable. He was nationalist and wanted to have the religion free from arabic nationalistic elements. That is why he was blinded by fanatic sunni ulamas.
   Nasiri Khisrav became ismailite just because to struggle against turks in favour persian people. He painfully wrote this:

The house of Qarun has now made all Khurasan
A model for the world entire of how sinister fate unfolds.
Their slaves at one time were the Turks,
But sometimes things turn this way and that,
And now they themselves are slaves of Turks.

  We must not ignore the significance of Shiite version in persian history.?

??Unfortunately the sect which expressed the hope of persians for freedom and independense in the whole history, now has become the tool of oppresion over this nation. Iranians must get rid of this sect as soon as possible.
  I hope in the near future Iran will be secular. It is my wish.
14  Entertainment / Music / Shabnam Suraya & Najim Nawabi - Maza Meta on: May 09, 2008, 01:30:35 AM
Excellent! Really I love it. Good job!:)
15  General / General Discussion / Tajik site! on: May 08, 2008, 08:57:15 PM
Here I have found tajik site. I hope you will find mani interesting here.

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