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601  General / General Discussion / Economic war against Tajiks on: April 26, 2008, 02:33:02 PM
Dear all,

The price of food has sky rocketed within Kabul - here a huge population of Tajiks reside - and there are indications that the government is deliberately keeping the prices high - by preventing lorries at the borders to travel to Kabul.

They also have control over how much money is to be printed - and thus can through inflation steal the wealth of people.

There are even indications that the government is deliberately pursuing policies that cause the social break down of families by creating huge gap in the distribution of wealth and thus increasing the chances of people resorting to desperate measures - like selling their children.

I know that there has been a general increase in the price of commodities around the world - but it has presented a good opportunity for our enemies os to do us harm.

The Afghan Mellat crew are trying to get people to blame their enemies for hike in prices - through their favourite HAZARA - RAMAZAN BASHARDOST and term like the MAFIA and so on.

It makes vicious sense - starve the Tajik populations and make them desperate and then blame it on the Tajik enemies of Afghan Mellat.

We need to be aware of these tactics and alert.  

Can we dedicate this thread to all instances of the use of economic tools by the Afghan Mellat controlled state against our population.

Thank you.
602  General / Geopolitical Studies and News / ran's 4500-year-old cypress tree nominated for addition to the World Heritage list on: April 26, 2008, 01:46:42 PM
Iran's 4500-year-old cypress tree nominated for addition to the World Heritage list

603  General / Geopolitical Studies and News / The oldest oil-painting founded in Khurasanzameen on: April 26, 2008, 01:45:35 PM
Experts Say Oil Painting Originally Started in Asia not Europe After Studying Bamiyan Caves

 This 7th century mural was probably painted by artists travelling along the Silk Road from China, via Afghanistan, to the West (Source: National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo)

NEW YORK-The world was in shock when in 2001 the Talibans destroyed two ancient colossal Buddha statues in the Afghan region of Bamiyan. Behind those statues, there are caves decorated with precious paintings from 5th to 9th century A.D. The caves also suffered from Taliban destruction, as well as from a severe natural environment, but today they have become the source of a major discovery. Scientists have proved, thanks to experiments performed at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), that the paintings were made of oil, hundreds of years before the technique was “invented” in Europe. Results are published today in the peer-reviewed Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry.

In many European history and art books, oil painting is said to have started in the 15th century in Europe. But scientists from the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties in Tokyo (Japan), the Centre of Research and Restoration of the French Museums-CNRS (France), the Getty Conservation Institute (United States) and the ESRF have recently identified drying oils in some of the samples they studied from the Bamiyan caves. Painted in the mid-7th century A.D., the murals show scenes with Buddhas in vermilion robes sitting cross-legged amid palm leaves and mythical creatures. The scientists discovered that 12 out of the 50 caves were painted with oil painting technique, using perhaps walnut and poppy seed drying oils.

A combination of synchrotron techniques such as infrared micro-spectroscopy, micro X-ray fluorescence, micro X-ray absorption spectroscopy or micro X-ray diffraction was crucial for the outcome of the work. "On one hand, the paintings are arranged as superposition of multiple layers, which can be very thin. The micrometric beam provided by synchrotron sources was hence essential to analyze separately each of these layers. On the other hand, these paintings are made with inorganic pigments mixed in organic binders, so we needed different techniques to get the full picture" Marine Cotte, a research scientist at CNRS and an ESRF scientific collaborator explains. "There are 50 synchrotrons in the world, and the one in Grenoble, with 844 meters in circumference, is one of the largest in the world," declared to EFE ESRF spokesperson, Montserrat Capellas.

The results showed a high diversity of pigments as well as binders and the scientists identified original ingredients and alteration compounds. Apart from oil-based paint layers, some of the layers were made of natural resins, proteins, gums, and, in some cases, a resinous, varnish-like layer. Protein-based material can indicate the use of hide glue or egg. Within the various pigments, the scientists found a high use of lead whites. These lead carbonates were often used, since Antiquity up to modern times, not only in paintings but also in cosmetics as face whiteners.

“This is the earliest clear example of oil paintings in the world, although drying oils were already used by ancient Romans and Egyptians, but only as medicines and cosmetics”, explains Yoko Taniguchi, leader of the team.

The paintings are probably the work of artists who traveled on the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China, across Central Asia's desert to the West. However, there are very few studies about this region. “Due to political reasons research on paintings in Central Asia is scarce. We were fortunate to get the opportunity from UNESCO, as a part of conservation project for the World Heritage site Bamiyan, to study these samples and we hope that future research may provide deeper understanding of the painting techniques along the Silk Road and the Eurasian area”, says Taniguchi.

The results were presented in a scientific conference in Japan last January, but are only published today in a peer-reviewed journal.
604  General / Geopolitical Studies and News / ajikistan has 14 percent of the world’s uranium reserves on: April 26, 2008, 01:40:35 PM
Tajikistan also controls 65% of the water of Central Asia, and has very strategic position within Asia- one could say it is the pivot of Asia - looking down at the plains of the other STANS to the north and west, at China to the east, and India to  the south.

Decent nuclear armed missiles (5000 Km) range could reach most of Asia from there!
605  General / General Discussion / Khurasan and Pukhtunkhwa? on: April 26, 2008, 01:34:28 PM
Quote from: Parsistani;8398
The name of ''NWFP'' is already Pakhtunwa. NWFP is the name Great Britain gave the western part of Pakistan where wild tribes lives. They also called it ''Afghanistan''. Pashtuns self call it today Afghania. The Pakis self call that region even Pakhtunistan. Those who manage the wild tribes are not Punjabis or Sindhis but Pashtun nationalists, the ''educated elites'' of them who work in the gov. For example the secret service of Pakistan is mainly made by Awghans, the army is infiltrated to 25% by Awghans, most politicians are Awghans. These people do not care about a cultural Pakistan or a developed Pakistan only how to take Afghanistan with it´s glory, how to kill and cleansing, how to loot and how to weak Pakistan. The problem this state has is that the spririt of Pakistan is based on Awghan nationalism/wahabism/salafism/pashtunism/pakhtunwali while only the name represents the civilizised and cultural part.

Look here

Originally that region was known as Afghanistan

Dear Parsi,

I was not referring to hat the region is called by the people  - i am referring to the official name of the province - which is still NWFP. Only lately there has been moves by the ANP in NWFP to propose the official name change. Parsi - you are making me labour over the point.

The elite in Pakistan has Pashtuns amongst it - but the majority are Punjabi - and they all work for the idea of Pakistan - all of them together have been committed to resisting the official renaming of the NWFP and in favour of the promotion of Wahabism to kerb Pushtun nationalism within Pakistan. The MMA in the past has said that it want the name to be Dar Ul Islam as opposed Pushtunistan!

The spirit of Pakistan is certainly not Pushtun nationalism - that is mistaken - the spirit of is what Jinaah proscribed - that of a modern state that preserved the Islamic culture of the Muslims of India. It was in that spirit that they held the PARSI language in such high esteem - it being a compulsory subject upto the time of Zia Ul Haq - their national anthem is most PERSIANISED form of URDU that most URDO speakers cannot understand it but we can. There most estemed poet ALAMA IQBAL LAHORI was fluent in Persian and wrote many poems in it.

The army of Pakistan favour a fully Ghilzaised (Hekmatyar and Taliban Ghilzai ) Pushtunist Afghanistan so that it can push all Pushtun nationalism within Pakistan toward making Afghanistan  a fully Pushtun state. It is this same army and ISI which is against the renaming of NWFP to Pushtunistan - and always promoting Salafism in order to discredit AWAMI NATIONAL PARTY- the proper pushtun nationalists.

So now that the ANP control the NWFP local government and have proposed the official renaming - I see a change in the tide - and I feel it could be good for reducing the nationalism of Pushtuns within Afghanistan if we use it well - and I was wondering what your view was on it.

I hope I am not being pedantic - I look forward to your reply.

606  General / General Discussion / Khurasan and Pukhtunkhwa? on: April 26, 2008, 12:31:54 PM
Quote from: Parsistani;8396
Let me tell you one thing. I do not want to live with Awghans. I am ready to gove them Kandahar and Helmand plus some eastern provinces ..because the future will bring us these provinces back...the countries of our mothers..and part of Khurasanzameen. The ligitimated country that jave the chance to life is only Pushtunwa/Awghania and that´s it. First, we are powerfull again....Tajiks like me will be the real sons of Khurasan who will retake the ''lost'' parts of Khurasan to the sons of Ahriman and Turanians. And for every pain they did to Non-PigToons and to the world they HAVE TO PAY and they will! I swear. I have already my plans i want to do with my Awganistan trip...and you should also do it!

Dear Parsi - thank you for your response.

My simple query is to what extent can the STATE be used to redress some of the destructive tendencies of the tribals. I ask again what is your view about the renaming of NWFP to Pukhtunkhwa?

Just look at how Pakistan deals with its tribals- they basically manage them so that they do not on the rest of Pakistan and even use them for their own goals in the region - why cant we adopt such an attitude?

These are just academic debates between us - the point of discussing them is to gain a better understanding of the possibilities - not to make firm decision right away.
607  General / General Discussion / The Axed Persian Identity on: April 26, 2008, 11:47:39 AM
Reading about this Nushin Arabzadeh :

Nushin Arbabzadah was brought up in Kabul during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. She has graduate degrees in German and Spanish literature and linguistics from the University of Hamburg and in Middle Eastern Studies from Cambridge University, where she was a William H. Gates scholar. Nushin's first book, From Outside In: Refugees and British Society, was published in London by Arcadia in April 2007. She has also edited an anthology of contemporary journalistic writing from Muslim majority countries called No Ordinary Life: Being Young in the Worlds of Islam(London: British Council, 2005). Before coming to UCLA, Nushin worked for the BBC, where she specialised on social and political issues in contemporary Afghanistan.

I am totally surprised that a Cambridge graduate writes in such poor manner with such lack of depth and poor analysis.

She seems to think that this Khurasan idea is somehow a poor appeal to appear Iranian -> modern - or to affirm ties with the Akhonds of Iran !  But then again it may be just a way for her to paint this idea in a manner that attempts to discredit it.

She honestly gives Cambridge a bad name - then again she seems proud of her Afghan identity which is based on the quote of a British author - "the only Asians without an inferiority complex" which was comparing the servile Indians to the tribals.

She confirms her lack of any real knowledge of that land and its history and clings to the British created Afghan identity.

It also highlights the simple fact that we need more of our own to gain access to academic positions so that we can publish in journals and academic newspapers.
608  General / General Discussion / Khurasan and Pukhtunkhwa? on: April 26, 2008, 11:19:31 AM
Dear Parsistani,

I am very familiar with Abu Sayeds commentary and Afghan Web - I used to be quite active a while back - but after having my comments deleted repeatedly I left.

I totally understand that the culture those tribals lead is very negative and backwards - and part of the reason it remained so potent within Afghanistan is that at state level it was promoted and celebrated and even continues to to this day with the Karzai administration.

The 'concept of Afghanistan' is one that promotes the tribalism of these miscreant tribes and thus it must be done away with.

The state within Afghanistan has been a tool to promote such nonsense - and to the cost of all of the citizens. This must change - within a Khurasani state - and it is a must for the prosperity of the region.

We have to think about this rationally and come up with firm policies to tackle these vagrant tendencies.

I am totally against a break up of Afghanistan - but am in favour of some kind  more ingenious tool to first isolate the tribalism within a particular territory and thus contain it - like they do in Pakistan with the FATA - and to promote the PERSIAN SEDENTARY culture of that settled lands.

What is your opinion regarding the creation of a Pukhtunkhwa province in Pakistan and what do you think its effects will be visa vi our ideas?
609  General / Tajik History, Culture and Civilization / Afghanistan: Revolution Unending, 1979-2002 on: April 25, 2008, 11:50:36 PM
Revolutions Unending is truly one of the best books ever written about Afghanistan. I cannot recommend it more highly.

French academics are truly impressive in their analytical abilities and way more objective than most English speaking authors.

This book is the English translation of the original French.
610  General / General Discussion / Khurasan and Pukhtunkhwa? on: April 25, 2008, 11:02:05 PM
Dear all,

What are your opinions regarding the Pushtun question and how to best deal with them and their vast potential for being used as the running dogs of our enemies?

My opinion is that an entity needs to be formed with the distinct name of Pashtun within it in order to deflect some of the arguments they have for a lack of a territory that is recognized as their solely in terms of culture and territory.

There is a potentially great development in Pakistan - that of the renaming of the NWFP province to Pukhtunkhwa - something I feel will be great in giving them a sense of control over their destinies and that they would then feel less inclined or such wild fantasies as LOY AFGHANISTAN. They should concentrate on improving the lot of their own children whom are daily raped - brainwashed - used as canon fodder and whom are forever trapped in the inhumane tribal culture. This territory should be the only place for Pushtun nationalism.

One of Afghan Millats most fundamental arguments is that "the character of Afghanistan should be Afghan, just as the character of Tajikistan is Tajik or the Uzbek identity of Uzbekistan" - an the establishment of a Pukhtunistan next door to us would thus eliminate this basic argument.

Within our own territory of Khurasan (all of current Afghanistan, maybe with some fringe territories designated special tribal zones) all traces of Pushtun nationalism should be removed from the state - with the just argument of recognizing the true PERSIAN SEDENTARY identity of that land and its historical KHURASAN name. Pushtuns within Khurasan should be expected to abandon their tribalism and nationalism for the Khurasani identity - just like all other ethnics within Khurasan. They can continue to use thei own languages in their own villages - but at state level - only the Khurasani identity ought to be promoted.

The Pashtu language should be recognized and acknowledged as an Aryaye language like Persian - but their Mongolic tribalism always opposed within Khurasan.

So what do you think?

By the way,

I came across a site made by Pushtuns about LOYAFGHANISTAN - you know their recently invented story of a Pushtun empire including all of Afghanistan and the all lands of Pakistan upto the Indus.

It struck me because it was the first place where I saw a synthesis of the Aryan and Jewish origins of them and even a justification from the Quran for their Pushtunisation of Afghanistan and the establishment of LOY AFGHANISTAN.

I thought to myself 'to what lengths will these poor people go to make up an origin for themselves and justify their criminality?'

It is a really good laugh - so have a look:

Some Misunderstandings in History:

When abraham revolted against nimrod and broke all idols, the assyrian king ordered to throw abraham in fire. The fire did not burn Abraham at all.Abraham was known for his knowledge of astrology and stars. Hence some of his fellow Hebrews couldn't understand the unvisible God of Abraham but using logic they certainly developed faith in secrets of fire and stars both related to Abraham.the idea of worshipping fire and stars started developing and turned into a sect and later in a relgion by zoaraster(zar tasht-golden takht or may be aur tasht-meaning escaped from fire(Abraham, aur-fire, tashedal-to escape).The interesting thing is that they did not worship idols but added fire and star componet to abrahimian monotheism.
Time goes on, Isaac , Jacob and joseph come into picture, there is link between Egypt and khurasan.Encyclopedias mention that afghan hound was known in Egypt 4000 years B.C.
Again times passes and Imran(father of Moses,) Aaron(brother of Moses) and Maryam (mother of Moses) come into picture.We know the story of crossing river and Moses going to Kohi tore and receiving commandments.Some followers make golden calf(cow) and the res of the story is written in quran and torah.The others follow Aaron alaisalam. The philosophy of Egyptian beliefs is added to zoarastrian religion. The belief of cow being sacred is added to this religion. This philosophy is exported to India by brahmans(Abrahamans-hebrews).They don't give up worshiping idols but cow and fire becomes a key component of their beliefs.Till today in their marriages bride and groom circle around fire for blessings.
In khurasan Hebrews come up with a new name Aryan.Remember Aryans has nothing common with Romans,Greek,Kushans,Parthians,white Huns,Mongols except fair complexion. Aryan is a pure Hebrew word, Ar being a Hebrew prefix( Ar-ab,arab),(As-ya,asia), (Ar-ron), (Am-ran-imran,)(Ab-raham), (Af-roim), (Af-ghan),(Al-ban),(Hebron). In torah-words Aran,Ard,Er,Uri,Arodi,Ariel,Aram,Amram,Arnon, Ara, Arah,Areor are mentioned. Also Ibran, Imran and names Ir-an, Ir-aq. Am-man, Ya-men, Yar-dan. This is all Hebrew terminology.
In pashtu suffix yan is used as plural or adjective.(russ-russyan, Punjabi-punjabyan, etc).The people who were the righteous ,who listened to Aaron in absence of Moses and did everything the proper way told by Aaron were called Aaronyan-Aryan.
The new version of ibrahimian religion spreaded and left less room for zoarasterism.Many Hebrews converted back to new version of Aarons and Moses monotheism .Many Egyptians moved to these regions after what happened in Egypt to pharaoh.Also skills and knowledge was trasfered and I am pretty sure the word farsi is from pharesees name(firon).Hewbrew mixed with Egyptian and Assyrian gave birth to farsi, arabi , pashtu and Turkish.. The only languages on earth written from right to left ,Hebrew being the parent language.
(More to come)

Current situation and Quran.

(Their Prophet said unto them: Lo! Allah hath raised up Saul to be king for you. They said: How can he have kingdom over us when we are more deserving of the kingdom than he is, since he hath not been given wealth enough? He said: Lo! Allah hath chosen him above you, and hath increased him abundantly in wisdom and stature. Allah bestoweth His soverienghty on whom He will. Allah is All-Embracing, All Knowing.S2-A247).

This Ayat explains many things.King Saul is in pashto actually Shah awal-the first king, we see many names among pashtuns for saul-shah wali,sayal-equal to others etc. This word STATURE- explains why pashtuns are very handsome,tall, goodlooking, strong, rough tough and sturdy.Also hazrat yousaf being the most hand some man and no wonder yousafzais are famous for this in pakistan. You would clearly see this in karachi - a pashtun walking down the street can be recognised rightaway from other local peoples or even in kabul as compared to tajiks who are relatively short with small stature. The word WISDOM explains what I have explained above that if pashtuns are educated properly we will see worldclass personalities among them such as indian film heroes, squash and cricket players or nuclear scientists.This ayat explains why tajiks and punjabis do every thing to keep them away from power and call them bad names such as besawad, jahil etc. Northern alliance has done everything to seize power from pashtuns considering them inferior, ignorant and unwealthy and same is true for punjabi atrocities against pashtuns in pakistan.This ayat is so true and I am sorry my Tajik and punjabi brothers I cant change Gods decision. Its ALLAH who has chosen pashtuns as His beloved people despite being relatively unwealthy. Its our religious duty to do every thing to keep Afghanistan in hands of pashtuns and liberate pashtun areas from punjabis n pakistan.

The children of Saul should rule pashtunkhwa and no body else.

Pashtana da ALLAHPAK niazbin khalaq dae.

Ya ba da benang malk bagh-e-adan kram , ya ba kram da pakhtanoo kusae ujaray- Ghani khan.


Zangal pa azmaroo khwand kaweena -da ghroona pa meranoo khwand kaweena

pashtun dalta paida, dalta loye shevay-dalta zhwand kaweena

Zaka Afghanistan pa pakhtanoo khwand kaweena

Looking at the above it almost makes want to feel sorry for how pathetic their mentalities are that they can rationalize such conjured tales to themselves. It is a clear sign of an inferiority complex. Then again maybe it is not them - but some other people whom want to use the normal Pushtun for their own goals.
611  General / General Discussion / Why we call ourself tajiks? on: February 27, 2008, 05:22:46 PM
Quote from: arya-zadah;6447
Dear Ahangar Jan,

I AGREE that we still have serious problem even in unification of our tajik fellows - we know that for significant number of  tajiks in Afghanistan and Tajikistan their regional identity is more important than national one. For tajiks from Kulab (part of Khatlan province of Tajikistan), for example, their "Kulabi" identity is more important than their "Tajiki" identity, and I am sure they hardly even suspect about their "Persian" identity. So are "Khojandi" tajiks, Isfaragi Tajiks, Istravshani Tajiks, Mastchahi Tajiks, Panjakenti Tajiks, Gharmi Tajiks, Vakhya Tajiks, Hesari Tajiks, Kafarnehani Tajiks, and so on. Majority of Bukharan tajiks in Uzbekistan even don't identify themselves as "Tajiks". They prefer to call themselves "Bukhari", or even "uzbeks" by the way. "Tajik" for Bukharan means "Kohistani" people.

However, from my viewpoint, development of more general, strong, and easy for understanding and accepting by ordinary people "Persian" identity might trigger the rise of self-awareness among all Persian speakers in eastern Iranian countries (Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan), might trigger the fast process of unification.

Dear AryaZadeh,

There is much regionalism amongst Tajiks all over.

The unity will come when Tajiks realise their own heritage. Realising their heritage and its importance to them and humanity in general will show how much they have lost from their lack of unity and how much they are currently under attack.

It is all a matter of raising their knowledge.

My fundamental belief is that the unity of Tajiks is the foundations upon which a Khurasani entity is built, to the benefit of all peoples, not just those of Tajik Aryan ethnicity.

We should not waste our time trying to convince non-Tajiks, when our own Tajiks are not all convinced or aware. The priority is Tajik unity.

Once we are a united and tangible force - convincing non-Tajiks will be much more simple.

My Email is by the way.
612  General / General Discussion / Why we call ourself tajiks? on: February 26, 2008, 09:39:30 AM
Iranian - Persian - Tajik - Farsiwan - it is all the same. Lets not get worked up over these things. As long as the knowledge of the culture of Khurasan is there - it does not matter which of the above you call yourself.

Regarding Hazaras - at the moment they are separate - they are no friends of Tajiks as their 'Baba' Mazari would say - so it is premature to think of them and their role in the movement of Khurasan. They have more respect for things like YASA ( the Mongol laws).  Indeed they are viciously anti Tajik and have been in the past - always stabbing us in the back.

This is a symptom of the weakness of the ideology of Khurasan or the lack of it amongst our own TAJIKS. So to help alleviate it - work on the enlightenment of your fellow Tajiks.

 We as Tajiks (the non Hazara Parsi e Dari speakers of Afghanistan) should defend Tajik interests first and foremost - unite ourselves and raise our knowledge. Once we unite even Pashtuns will become good Khurasanis, never mind the treacherous Hazaras.
613  General / General Discussion / Armane Melli: Language Row on: February 26, 2008, 09:21:02 AM
Quote from: Darius;6429
A message from a friend:

Afghan paper publishes reader's letter about language row
Text of letter to editor by Khedmatgar, entitled "As if he came to parliament from the moon", by private Afghan newspaper Arman-e Melli on 24 February

To Arman-e Melli administration,
 I am one of the readers of Arman-e Melli daily newspaper. I read an article published in the daily on 3 Hut [22 February] which quoted an MP as saying he had not heard the word "Daneshgah" [University] in the past 53 years of his life. Believe me I was shocked by reading the article for two reasons:
 1. The MP introduces himself as a compatriot, Muslim and well-known Afghan in his interviews with the media. Though, the word Daneshgah has a history of 1,000 years in Persian/Dari language and this word has been common and been used in poems, articles and has been spoken by the Persian/Dari speakers. Even, we can see this word in Mawlana's [Rumi's] documents, whose birthday was marked some days ago in Turkey. How is it possible for the MP, who is 53-years-old, who has not heard this word?
 It would be familiar to him even if he lived in America, Asia or any other continent, or has the MP come from another planet to the Afghan parliament?
 2. The MP said that the word Daneshgah was an alien word that had come from outside Afghanistan and he reacted very strongly towards its usage. Why does he not defend the rights of journalists under democratic condition and freedom of expression, who gets sacked and his salary cut for using two words that are called un-Islamic?
 Why does he not as a Muslim MP denounce this act and punish its perpetrators?
 Why does he blame one who has used Daneshgah instead of Pohantun?
I feel pity for a brow-beaten nation that has a national delegate and defendant like this at the parliament.

It should not be a matter of whether this or that politicain has heard of the word - it should be a matter of which is the right word to use when speaking Parsi e Dari.

Ignorance of the idea of Khurasan has brought us to this pathetic state - where we are told which words to use in our own language. The best remedy for this is not to condemn the ignorant politician or which part of Afghanistan he comes from - as some IGNORANT Tajiks have been doing - but to raise our knowledge and those of our fellow Tajiks.

This act of the Ministry of Culture of Afghanistan can be a blessing if it is used to spread knwledge about the ideals of Khurasan and thus discredit the idea of Afghanistan.
614  General / General Discussion / Khorasan's Future Government on: February 26, 2008, 09:13:32 AM
Quote from: Darius;5990
That was my guess anyway. I might be wrong too:)

Darius - thank you for your reply - I was hoping an admin would answer or something since this being a 'sticky' it ought to have many posts.

My own view regarding the future government of Khurasan:

I feel that it should be one that is based upon the fundemental values of the ideal that is Khurasan, which are all complementary to the highest and most noble pursuits of the human kind. It should seek to uphold protect and nurture those values, which throughout history has sought to benefit the whole of the human family.
615  General / General Discussion / Khorasan's Future Government on: February 14, 2008, 03:36:44 PM
Why cant we see the existing posts that have been made on this topic? Or is it that there are no posts in this thread?
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