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31  General / General Discussion / Re: Fundraising to get back the old version of Tajikam Forum. on: May 29, 2009, 04:02:25 AM
thanks for the kind words guys.
32  Entertainment / Chit Chat and Hangout / Re: Most talkative and complaining member on: May 29, 2009, 03:59:07 AM
You the most complaining? I think you forgot Lindt :) lolz

bah! maan ziyod shekoyat namekoonam. pors does that and even he admitted it!

I think better title for Lindt would be DalerDokht (CourageouseGril). She has been in numerous battle fields with some members of the forum, so to my humble opinion she is really DalerDokht!

you're too sweet :)

I want to also add that I think Unity is rather calm, and I think pors is very stubborn and gets frustrated quickly (please don't hit me lol)

33  Entertainment / Diary / Re: Khurasani's Journal on: May 27, 2009, 08:07:57 PM

good riddance.
34  General / General Discussion / Re: Fundraising to get back the old version of Tajikam Forum. on: May 27, 2009, 08:06:31 PM
Thirdly, it all depends on the person. I have seen people who are rich but can't even donate small amounts to their own cause be it because of ego or personal reasons, these people just don't donate. That's understandable and that's fine. You can't change their mind.  I didn't intend to criticize them, and I don't.

Fair enough. i just felt that you were getting a little too frustrated. and for the reasons you have outlined above, i cannot donate and i am sorry to other members and the admin team.

but those of us who live in europe, america, australia etc even the students and those people without a job will easily be able to donate around $10-20, they can avoid some of their bad habits for just couple of weaks and they can provide this money

unity jaan when a person saves for something, like i am doing, our spending on other things cuts back dramatically. if you are suggesting that i'm "too tight" or cheap to donate a few dollars, or i'd rather spend it on a good time, you are wrong. $10 sounds like nothing, but it seems like so much when you need to save every cent.
35  General / General Discussion / Re: My Respectful Critique of the Khorasanni Movement on: May 24, 2009, 07:50:38 PM
thank u landit, i wasn't expecting any one to welcome me and i dn't want to come in to you people own stuff like planing ;) ahaha


yh i knew no would read the whole text i wrote because it was obviously long, yeah i know i wrote that and i did apologised in the last comment...

by saying that pashtun's faith are stronger then tajkis is true, i know tobah na ghozo belah i m not the creater, in kabul the mosques where the area is of tajik majority then the mosque wil be empty but if you go to pashtun areas then the mosque will be full, i have noticed this...

and plus i have seen some of you insulting at arabs, don't forget that all them prophets were arabs and the holly book Quran is also written in arabic,

anyhow i know i didnt feel right saying that pashtuns faith in islam was stronger then tajiks but wrote it, those taibans that fights now are brainwashed in to one thing that the non muslim countries have invaded their country, and to spread christianity etc, thats why those talibans are fighting and often does suicide targeting foreigners

the basis of your comments about Pashtuns having stronger faith cannot be rooted in what you saw in one Mosque. i could easily use example of how tajiks are very strong in their faith and how Pashtuns may follow it ideologically, but not ritualistically. as Pors said, being a Muslim does not make you a better person and to say that it does is again deeply offending!

furthermore, anyone can spread religion to whomever they want but no one is obliged to follow it. if you did not yet know that when the Arabs brought Islam to Afghanistan, we were very stubborn and fought against the spread of it for a longggg time, there wasn't some overnight miracle where we all became "believers.''

the only Arabs that are worth being insulted are these brain-washed bedouins in the gulf for the hypocrisy and  unlawful acts they commit against afghans. 
also ,the only Arab prophet - both ethnically and lingusitically - was Muhammed. just because Palestinians now speak Arabic, doesn't mean Jesus was an Arab... lol.
36  General / General Discussion / Re: Fundraising to get back the old version of Tajikam Forum. on: May 24, 2009, 07:38:34 PM
i think you're being very stubborn pors jaan.
you can't expect everyone to contribute because not everyone has the money, or a job! most people are stingy with money whether they have green skin or one eye - it doesn't matter. people have things to save up for and are already struggling as it is.
37  Entertainment / Chit Chat and Hangout / Re: What are you listening now? on: May 24, 2009, 08:13:17 AM
Thom Yorke is a he, not a them :p
He is the lead singer of Radiohead
38  General / General Discussion / Re: Is it a joke or what? on: May 24, 2009, 08:01:06 AM
Last I knew, the Afghan government doesn't recognise the Durrand Line as being the official border. perhaps this is why...

I share your sentiments, Unity jaan.
39  General / General Discussion / Re: My Respectful Critique of the Khorasanni Movement on: May 24, 2009, 07:56:50 AM
good point.
I noticed that too in Afghanistan - there was nothing but love between its people. sadly, in the west, facsists have been lurking around the internet in particularly, posting vicious lies that create more hatred and division between all people in afghanistan as well as it's diasporic population.

hahaha at Punjabis. I think that title is reserved for Indian-loving Kabulis
40  General / General Discussion / Re: My Respectful Critique of the Khorasanni Movement on: May 24, 2009, 07:52:22 AM
first of all i would like to introduce myself, i am an afghan, whom i am sure you all know what afghan means, it simply means pashtun, yes even now adays in afghanistan, the word "afghani" is used for pashtu i.e. if some one asking you that can you speak afghani, then you should get it that he/she means pashtu language... anyhow i thinks my introduction is enough

l olzafter goin through this topic's coment, i find it really funny ghaznavi wror that you are wasting your qematee wakht with these people, they have already made up their mind hating pashtun, killing pashtun etc...and i know no body can change their mind of way or how they think.. Only Allah subhanawatalah can help them, so what me and you should do is pray for these people that may Allah subhana watalah guide them the right path... amin suma amin

these people are lucky in one sense that we pashtuns practices islam more and are muslims unlike some people who claims to be muslim but dn't practice islam, i mean personally me i can't hate no other muslim brother because in islam there is no hatred...

anyhow ghaznavi brother if you really want to do something, then do something for your people i.e. making every single pashtun awake on how much we are being hated, what are the so call brother of us tajiks are saying behind our backs

i wish all the best to this group members specially to them pashtun haters, i will be more then happy if you carry on hating pashtun because this can help us pashtuns to wake up and stand on our language and realise the backstabbers.

so brother please if i were you, i wouldn't waste my time here debating aything related even 1% to afghanistan because its just useless and a waste of ur kematee time...

Allah mo mal sha

Welcome ProudAfghan

If you have yet to realise, an Afghan also means a citizen of Afghanistan,  therefore technically non-Pashtuns in Afghanistan are Afghans, whether they wish to call themselves that or not or whether Pashtuns want to accept reality or not.

I want to say that I was rather offended by your whole "we're better Muslims" comment - I'd be glad to see some statistics. It's amazing how one easily thinks that just because they perceive themselves as being better practitioners of Islam, that they are immediately more superior. let God be the judge...

Allow me to also add that hate is what has created superficial divisions and the day that people realise themselves as being human beings rather than entities to particular racial or ethnic groups is where the world will be a better place. and seeing as you are a pious Muslim, nationalism and pride is wrong and against the ideologies of Islam. (let this be something to all who think their ethnic group - something you have no control over - is better than anothers)  >:(

You say that there is a lot of hate - yes, i agree - 100%. But i can say that same about Pashtun forums who preach hate and come across as having superiority complexes for reasons beyond my understanding. many Afghans do not have a good understanding of their own history and merely listen to what their uneducated forefathers passed on to following generations.

and lol... you think pashto is under attack? it may be the national language of afghanistan but it certainly never was and is not the lingua franca. people on this site are more concerned about developing their language and culture rather than destroying another (or so they should be) ...relax, no one is trying to destroy it. you are right, pashtuns defended afghanistan hence why they claim it... but you shouldn't have a big head because of it. :)
41  General / General Discussion / Re: Qizilbash-Tajiks - and Hazaras on: May 16, 2009, 03:20:14 AM
Can someone ban   Lindt who hide her/his ethnicity under the noble term ''Tajik''? Jews and Arabs have nothing to do here!!! It´s an Aryan forum..

You are the biggest baby, ever. You turn every single thread into some political debate and then conclude with how I am some sort of criminal. All I asked was for Gul Agha to provide some ACADEMIC SOURCES for his wild claim and here you come asking Admin to ban me. Get a life, loser.
42  General / General Discussion / Re: Insightful video about the attempts of Uzbek-Hazara-Ghilzai on: May 16, 2009, 03:15:55 AM
Dear Khurasanzad,

Please read my post before responding. Like I said, empire and regions were always gaining and losing lands, although ya, there were parts that acted as the center of these places. You are merely repeating what I said: defined borders never existed before the idea of a nation-state!
43  General / General Discussion / Re: Somon Air - New Airline from Tajikistan on: May 16, 2009, 03:10:40 AM
Is it necessary for you to skew topics into political debates? Go away.
44  General / General Discussion / Re: My Respectful Critique of the Khorasanni Movement on: May 13, 2009, 10:32:58 PM
Salam bro and welcome to the forums

I'm finding it confusing to know where you stand - are you all for a divided Afghanistan? You have stated what is already well know and documented, but have not given your personal opinion about these conflicting ideas.

I'd like to add that not everyone in here wants a divided Afghanistan - I certainly do not! History is history, ALL nation-states are artificial but we should accept and work on what we already have if we want our kin to prosper. In my honest opinion, Khorasani movements as well as Loy Afghanistan movements are a waste of time and only hinder development in lifestyle, healthcare and education amongst Afghans.
 I appreciate your post btw :)

45  General / General Discussion / Re: Qizilbash-Tajiks - and Hazaras on: May 13, 2009, 05:50:45 AM
Hussain Khan Panjshiri and his family with a couple thousand other Kabulis fled to Kashmir when Abdur Rahman Khan captured Kabul from Sher Ali Khan.

Abdur Rahman Khan did liberate some Tajiks in northern Afghanistan but at the same time he killed thousands of Tajiks in kabul and in the south. During his rule 60% of the Tajik Shias who lived in Kabul fled to India because of his opression on them.

dude can you back up this claim with academic sources?
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