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Author Topic: Quiz on Tajik History and Culture  (Read 1315 times)
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« on: November 29, 2007, 03:02:24 AM »

1.   What is Dari language?

                      a) Same as Urdu                      
b) Same as Turkish
c) Same as Uzbek language
d) Same as Persian (Farsi or Parsi)

2.   Some craters on the moon are named after Tajiks. Who are these Tajik personalities?                      

a) Imam Abu Hanifah                      
b) Firdowsi of Tus
c) Daqiqi of Balkh and Rumi
d) Biruni, Khwarizmi, Avicenna, Abul Wafa, Khayyam.

        3.   Who are Tajiks?                      

a) Mongols                      
b) Afghans
c) Any non-Arab people                      
d) Descendent of Ancient Aryans who have been living in Central Asia from time immemorial

        4.   This Tajiks has written many books. One of his books, The Canon of Medicine (al-Qanun fi at-tibb) was used as a medical reference book for several centuries in Europe. He asserted that        
        diseases can be spread by the means of water, air and soil. Who is he?                      

a) Biruni                      
b) Ibn-e-Sina (Avicenna)
c) Khwarizmi                      
d) Rumi

        5.   He is one of the most influential and celebrated personalities in the Muslim world. He was the founder of the first orthodox schools of Islamic law, which became known after his name. His brilliant use of reason and systematic thought provided Muslim civilization with a coherent and applicable system of law. Who is this Tajik?

                      a) Imam Bukhari                      
b) Khwarizmi
                      c) Hatim Tayee                      
d) Imam Abu Hanifah

Ok Dear Tajik Brothers/Sisters. Lets Answer the questions; We will discuss every 5 question when we finish previous one.

So the format will be like this :

1 ) for example a ; and a reason, that why you are selecting that option...


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« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2007, 07:42:21 PM »

Question one is clear and we all know that the correct answer is (d).
What I don't understand is Question 2.

اگر آزدی ما زیر سوال برود و اگر غرور ملی ما درهم شکسته شود و اگر استقلال ما نابود گردد، در آن صورت این زندگی ما کوچکترین لزت و ارزشی ندارد. احمد شاه مسعود
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