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Author Topic: Tajikism - Guide Line and Fight for Survival  (Read 1421 times)
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« on: May 30, 2009, 02:37:35 PM »

After several months of hard work (nearly 1,4 year) now I realized my promise and finished my book ''Tajikism, Guide Line and Fight for Survival''/ ''Tajikism, Guide Line and Agony''. I apologize for taking much time than 4 months, to let you know about it. As you know I had 4 months in mind but it wasn´t practicable since I could only write it when time was there. I represent clearly our rights, hopes and wishes based on our identity and regional history. At the same time I make clear why it is important for every single Tajik to accept death in a terrible war than seeing how our nation suffer in subjugation and living under Pashtun, Uzbek and Arab tyranny by showing everyone in very easy understanding words our self-defense from the beginning of history and thus why it is very important a Tajik never allowing a Non-Tajik arising his hand against a Tajik or Persian-speaker and why he have to consolidating his stand to everyone and every danger. Every Tajik has the duty to cut the heads and hands off of our enemies if they try to hurt only one of us. Why Tajiks have to think on this way you can read it in the book. It´s not only a book for Tajiks, written by an hyper ultra-nationalist, but also for all Persian-speaker around the world, including Aserbaidjan and Iran. Hope that also Iranian nationalists will want to have the book. They are my hopes for more power and engagement against our surrounding enemies and I am sure they will join us and care more on us than before, since their situation reflect the same as ours. The reasons (Pashtunization; Turkification; ethnic cleansing; cultural indolence; the losing of our identity and roots that our enemies are causing and aiming and many other acts of them; their agendas and how they want us drive out and overtake our homes, countries and lands, destroying of our language and culture, Talibanism, Pashtunwali, Taliban, Al-Qaida and other foreigners brought by the watanfrosha and beghairata Pashtuns, Arabism, Wahabism, Salafism, uneducation...etc.). Once you read and have understand the topics of the book, I´m sure many of you will arise at the same time. It is also written very emotional and possibly those who understand it more than the words allows will have tears in their eyes which boost their decision for fighting against our enemies for a better future and an independant Tajik nation. It´s ideales lies in our mythology and heroes and original mentality. By reading it, every Tajik of Afghanistan shall rethink their behave on themself and return back to that of their ancestors customs and traditions. I use the same tools as once Germany,Turkey, Russia, Azerbaidjan and today Americans use to be succesful. Our fight of survival and independance should have it´s root in our past, our deepest feelings, in our literature and mythological (Aryanam vs. Turan; Brightness vs. Darkness, Iran vs. An-Iran, Civilization vs. Nomadism, Good vs. Bad, Rationalism vs. Inability, Ahura Mazda vs. Ahriman, Allah vs. Shaitan and Dajjal, Khorasanians vs. Non-Khorasanians, Rostam vs. Akvan, Siavash vs. Afrasiab, Sassanians vs. Hephtalithes, Iranic vs. Turkic, Iranic vs. Arabic) identity. Every Tajik should be aware of the place of Tajiks in the court of history, even if they don´t rules by first-hand over countries and lands. They should know that their ancestors were always rulers and the rest ''prostitutes'' and slaves of Tajiks, have it beein Turks, Mongols, Afghans, Arabs or other people. I hope that this book will be my ''Shahnama''. The topics are the followings:

* Origine of Tajiks
- Indo-Europeans of Caucasus and Sibiria
- Aryan Emigration
- Kurgan Culture
- ''Andronovo Culture''
- ''Sintashta-Petrowka-Arkaim Culture''
- Karakum Civilization->**
- ** ''Alakul Culture''
- ** ''Fedrowo Culture''
- The spreading and splitting of the Aryans
- Urbanization of Proto-Iranian, Sanscrit-speaking and Avestan people
- Genetic Examinations on Central Asian´s Iranic population and particularely on Tajiks
- The different faces of modern (Eastern-)Persians and Eastern-Iranic Tajiks (Science of Human Race)

* Origine of the ethmytology ''Tajik''

* History of Tajiks in pre-Islamic periodes
- The not cleared relationship of ancient Tajiks (''Guteans'') to Sumerians and Assyrians
- Role of ancient Tajiks under Babylonians
- Role of ancient Tajiks under Assyrians
- Role of ancient Tajiks on Dravido-Iranic Elamite Civilization

- Iranic culture and identity vs. Non-Iranic culture and identity

- Role of ancient Tajiks under native Iranic dynasties**
- ** Pan-Iranic feeling and the role of ancient Tajiks in that system
- ** The importance of ancient Tajik warriors in the ranks of Achemenids
- ** The importance of ancient Tajiks in the ranks of the Persian Immortals
- The relationship between ancient East-Iranic people (Tajiks) and ancient West-Iranic people (Tajiks)**
- ** Ethnical
- ** Linguistical
- ** Cultural
- ** Denominational
- The importance of the fusion between East and West for a future and more stable greater Iranic state (The importance of the ''Silk-Road-Tajiks'')
- The fusion between East and West-Iranic people
- ''Persian rulers'' of hybride and pure eastern-Iranic origine

- ** The position of Bactrians in the Persian court
- **  Reasons of the special statue of Bactrians among the nobilities and the Persian Kings
- ** The position of the semi-nomadic Soghdians in the hated kingdom
- ** The importance of Soghdians to the Persian treasure chamber
- ** The position of Kambuyayes in the Persian kingdom and court
- ** The positions of Sacaes in the Persian kingdom
- ** The position of Lampakas (Laghmanis) in the Persian kingdom
- ** The position of Parthians in the Persian kingdom
- ** The position of Choresmians in the Persian kingdom and court
- ** The position of Heravatis in the Persian kingdom and court

- Role of ancient Tajiks under Macedonians and Greecs
- Role of ancient Tajiks on the fall of the Seleucids**
- ** The importance of ancient Tajiks in future kingdoms of the Greeco-Bactrians branchs
- Role of ancient Tajiks on China and India from the 2rd century BC to 28 AD
- Role of ancient Tajiks on Central Asian´s semi-nomadic tribes
- Role of ancient Tajiks on the fall of the last Greec inspired dynasties
- Role and influence of ancient Tajiks on Indo-European Tocharians to the 5th century AD**
- ** Kushanian periode
- ** Role of ancient Tajiks on the fusion between Sassanian Iran and Kushanian Khorasan and their importance in a future Kushano-Sassanian civilization
- ** Role of ancient Tajiks in the war between the nomadic Huns and Iranic civilization
- ** Kidarite periode (''The Junior Kushans'')
- ** Chionite periode
- Role of ancient Tajiks during the second arising of the Sassanians
- Role of ancient Tajiks on then fall of Sassanians
- Role of ancient Tajiks in the Hephtalithe state and aristocratic caste
- Role of ancient Tajiks on fighting Turkic Hephtalites and Iranization of Tocharian Hephtalithes
- Role and influence of ancient Tajiks on Turks in the Gok-Turkic state
- A new wave of intermixing between East- and West Iranic people
- Heroic Eastern-Tajiks claim their Independence from Sassanians
- Eastern-Tajiks conquer again India
- Arab armies and their destructions of Khurasan**
- ** The Killing of Choresmian Tajiks
- ** The Killing of the upholders of the Iranic civilization
- ** Why only the dumbest and uneducated Iranians/Tajiks had the chance to survive the Arab massacre and genocides
- ** The Arab intention by killing, destroying and buring
- The Tajik resistence and uprising against Arab armies (Iranic nationalism)
- Another large wave of Western-Iranic people in Eastern Iran
- The grounding of modern Tajiks
- The union of Eastern-Iranic countries to one greater country Khorasan, Sistan and Choresmia - Khurshidstan e Buzurg or Aryanshaar

* Islamization of Eastern-Tajiks
- Our great heroes became decived by Tazis
- ** Abu Muslim and other great Tajik/Persian heroes and their wars against Bedouins in the 7th/8th century
- ** Abu Muslim and his reconquest of Khorasan
- ** Abu Muslim introduce Islam to Iranic people in Khurasan
- ** Abu Muslim´s victory over the Arabic Imperialists (Omayyades) in Iran, Khorasan and Pakistan (Iranic victory)
- ** Abu Muslim´s arranged death by Abbasides
- ** Tajiks´ Oshrusana movement**
-  ** replacing Arabs in Abbaside court
- ** Khaydar Kavs Afshin revolt against Abbasids
- ** Tajik Barmakide revolt against Abbaside**
- ** Barmakides replace Arabs and Byzantines at Abbaside court
- ** The birth of Khaydar Kavs political Tajik movement (''Shuaib´yya'')
- ** Papak Khuramedin´s resistence in Persia (Khuramiyya Movement)
- ** Khaydar´s efforts against Khurramits
- ** How Half-Tazi (Shaitan) Abbasides betray Kavs´ son Khaydar
- ** Khaydar, next to Papak

From here on the history is minimized on Khorasanians

* Islamic History of Tajiks
- Creation of Iranic Islam in Tajik countries
- ** How Zoroastrism, Buddhism, Manichaism turned into Persian Sufism
- Persian Tahirids declare themself independant in Khorasan
- Farighunid Tajik Dynasty declare their independance from Arabs
- Banijurid Tajik Dynasty declare their independance from Arabs
- Mamunids declare their independance from Arabs
- The arise of Persian nationalists - Saffarids
- The arise of Persian nationalists - Samanids
- ** The ''Samanian'' Ilyazids conquest of Zentral Iran
- Rising of Turkic Ghaznavids
- Rising of Tajik Ghurids
- Conquest of Mongols
-** Mongol Genocide on Tajiks
- Conquest of Timurids
- The rise of Tajik Gardezshah
- The rise of Tajik Kabulshah
- The rise of Tajik Rustamian
- ** Role of Tajiks on Roshanian Movement of Kandahar and South-East Asia
- Conquest of Savavids

Don´t worry, it just looks very much but it isn´t. I have explained to every single point very shortly why Tajiks had all times fight for their freedom and self-determination (a small lesson on Tajik history).

The actual explanation and deeping is made on the last 200 years, from the first Pashtun ruler to day which take at least 205/250 sites of the book (controversial view on the last centuries).

* The importance of Tajiks and their influence in the pre-Islamic and and (non-)islamic civilizations
- Science
- Religion
- Philosophy
- Art
- Architecture
- humanity
- Education
- Equal rights

This part should just show modern and yesterday Tajiks. Why yesterday Tajiks were world-famous and today modern Tajiks are called as ''Pashtuns''. I hope that this part will have more influence on Tajiks and Iranians, specially on the young ones who are the future of our motherland.

* The countries and lands of Tajiks from the view of modern existence

* The Coming of Ahrimanians and Turanians to Khurasan
- Pashtun Conquest of Khurasan
- ** British influence in Khorasan
- ** British Empire use Pashtun servants for annecting Khorasan
- ** British Empire establish Indians and Punjabis as Khurasanian and Pashtun kings
- Tajiks two time victories over the British Crown
- The overcoming Darkness
- Afghanization of Khorasan - Pashtunization of Afghanistan
- The Birthday of Afghanistan
- Pashtunization of Afghanistan
- Genocides on Tajiks and other non-Pashtuns
- Destruction of Tajik Heritage
- The ''Arab'' history of Choresmia recurs
- Taliban
- The new servants of Americans
- The Death of the semite Baldhead
- The agenda Baldhead´s son
- A new agenda of Pashtunization
- How a Pashtunized Persian/Tajik tribe (Popalzai) became slave of Pashtuns
- Solving ''The Pashtun Problem''
- The PakPashtun Question


* Reconquest of every corner of Khurasan**
- ** The military reunification of Persians of Central Asia
- ** The social and interethnical Unification of Persians
- ** The Liberation of the world and Khurasan from Dirt (which has already began)
- ** The Punishment of our Enemies
- ** The Punishment of Terrorist Arabs in Khurasan
- ** The Using of the Enemies Weakness
- ** Restoring National Identity of Khurasan
- ** Creating a Nationalist state against our enemies (IN NEED)
- ** Restoring Ancient Roots on Tajiks and Iranians
- ** Overhelming Central Asia and Near East ethnical, cultural, linguistical, agricultural and economical
- ** Retaking of Baghdad from Arabs
- ** Iranizing arabic Speaking Iranians and Kurds
- ** Building good partnership to India, China and Europe
- ** Boycotting Palestinian Arabs and Terrorists
- ** Agreeing an independant Israel and supporting moderate Palestinian for independance
- ** Getting back the Sassanians of the 21 th century for the Turkic states
- ** How to smash Uzbeks easily
- ** How to drive Uzbeks out of Uzbekistan without many conditions


* Khorasan, Hope and Future of Non-Tajiks**
- ** State, open for all religions, races and cultures, except Barbarians

For questions you can always contact me.

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