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Author Topic: Latif Pedram on Amanullah Khan, former king of Afghanistan  (Read 3638 times)
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« on: August 04, 2009, 04:52:31 PM »


I´ve also a very interesting text to the video from the owner. It´s more a summerized text about the events past in Afghanistan´s history since it´s creation in 1919 to the date of the Taliban and modern-days. So, it´s not a special take over on Amanullah Khan but his Pashtun chauvinism policy is mentioned.

Pashtun chauvinism and fascism in Afghanistan

Who was Pashtunist/Nationalist Amanullah Khan?

He was a facist Pashtun who wanted to Pashtunize the country by giving Tajik, Uzbek, Hazara, Pashai and Nuristani lands and provinces to Pashtuns from the Sulaiman Mountains. In Shughnan, the brave? Tajiks not only destroyed him and his homosexual Pashtun army...but also freed the region from their influence. But that didn´t kept the dog from promoting Pashtun chauvinism and Pashtunism and Sargin-Talkhan-Sholombakhori in Afghanistan. The same way all his followers and Pashtun ministres and Pashtun ultra-nationalists, particularely some who were mostly pointing themself out among the Pashtu ultra-nationalists because of their actions, such were: Mahmud Tarzi, Muhammad Gul Khan Mohmand (a filthy Kashmiri-Punjabi Pashtun)  Nader Khan Ghadar (a filthy Indian Pashtun), Daus Khan and his cousin Zaher Khan Kal Afshari Khan (son of Indian Pathan Nader Khan Ghadar Afsharzada) went through and all of them were backed by their mio. of? tribal people, not as some uneducated and idiotic believe or try to fool Non-Pashtuns that these dogs were just single persons. Every movement need people that backs it, as criminal Pashtun Hekmatyar, criminal Pashtun Sayaf, criminal ultra-nationalists and radical-islamists Taliban etc., all of them from the same cluster under different names and banners, were backed by their own ethnical people, otherwise they couldn´t became Pashtun heroes (another sick mentality and questionable identity of Pashtuns calling criminals as ''Heroes'' as a result of seeking for an identity comparable to the great Tajiks and Iranians) and powerful. It´s first peak of Pashtun chauvinism it? was reached with the attack of Mangal, Jaji and Zadran Pashtun tribes led by Nader Khan on Tajiks whom they take a large part of their countries and fuitable lands for themself, replaced the Persian-Tajik names of the provinces to Pashtun tribes´names in eastern-Afghanistan and the destruction of Buddha statues by the canons of Nader Khan Ghadar,an Indianized Pashtun. Nangahar,Laghman,Paghman and Uruzgan were such sites..was taken by violence and gaven to Pashtun nomads and the original land-owner were driven out of there to north and neighbouring countries, such as Pakistan and Kashmir and Tajikistan. It´s second peack it took when Nader Khan and Muhammad Ghul Khan Mohmand, and before him Amanullah in? some cases, were banning Persian language and tried to impose Pashtu language and Pashtun identity on all Non-Pashtuns to make out of all Pashtuns, but they failed because of the superiority of Persian language, culture and civilization, compared to that of Pashtuns´ tent civilization and mountainiour language. After three years banning, they were forced to unban it but this unban gave to Persian an unexpected arise that the language and culture had never faced before in the 15 years of Afghanistan´s history, since it´s creation and independance from British super-power in 1919. The Pashtun chauvinist and royal ruling house self became ironically Persian-speakers and couldn´t speak after a spanse of 5 years a word Pashtu, nevertheless and also here ironically, the house kept it´s facism and chauvinistic sense against everything Non-Pashtunic. Persian language dominated all and everything and was spoken everywhere. Specially in regions where Pashtuns grow to a dominant group, Tajiks and Hazara boosted their influence and language. It´s third peack, it? reached with Dahoos Khan periode and the creating of Nazi Germany-inspired Pashtun party AfghanMellat (in the sense of ''Pashtun Country'') which still is a close and integral part of criminal and puppet Karzai e Dooz e Taryaaki, whos family were working with ISI (Pakistan) and Taliban and are/(were) known well for beeing part of drug trades from Afghanistan to Europe and America. His brother is the most famous one under the Karzai drug-dealer family. However, under Daous Khan Russghulam, large provinces became changed again to Pashtun tribes names, f.ex. ''Maidan'', also called Maidan e Kalan became changed to ''Wardak'', a tribe that once served their british masters and in turn the British Empire send 50 of them as ministers to Afghanistan. Cities in Tajik regiosn like Sabzavar (GreenPond) became Shindand (Pashtu version of Sabzevar) etc. etc. Most Pashtunized region kept eastern and southern Afghanistan and many Tajiks became under Daous Khan and the large Pashtun colonization again Pashtu speaker. For example in Farah, where 30% of Tajiks are Pashtu-speaker and count as such...tough they have nothing to do with Pashtuns but just to boost Pashtun number in Afghanistan. Their culture and identity is kept as Persian in culture and identity. Such a Pashtu-speaking and singing Tajik is Latif Nangahari. It´s fourth peack, it reached during the Taliban where Pashtun chauvinism was at it´s highest grade. Non-Pashtuns were forced to speak in the public in Pashtu, giving lands to Pashtun nomads, were forced to dropp off their culture and identity. To be succes, they burned all Persian-written? books, banned all Persian songs, burned all records. tapes, Persian books about science, philosophy, religion etc. and disgraced all graves of Persian artists, famous people that have lived in Afghanistan for millenias. From the tomb of Sanai in Ghazna to the tomb of Ahmad Zahir. Another step was the ethnic cleansing of Non-Pashtuns by the Pashtuns (killing and replacing Non-Pashtuns by Pashtuns in key-regions, like Kabul, Herat so these regions could also become Pashtunic), see also the following document. The document that was found in 2002 in a Kabul Pashtun shop (possibly it´s owner was a Taliban or just another Pashtunist/Facist) written in Pashtu for the Pashtun Taliban by a Pashtun AfghanMellati with the pseudonym ''Samsoor Afghan''? and who is identified as one of criminal Karzais loyal men, Haroon Yahya, a pro-Taliban Pashtunist was publishing it first in Germany. Interestingly, this guy is protected by the minister of ''culture'', the uncultural Pashtun Wazir e Kharhang Abdul Karim Khuram. In the book, the great Ahmad Shah Massud is called as ''Bach e Dawum e Saqqaw e'', an analogy on noble Habibullah Khan Kalakani, a Tajik king and adventurer of Afghanistan who ruled for a short periode after Amanullah Khan. The Pashtun Nader Ghadar and his Pashtun tribes killed him and many Tajiks from Kabul and the north because of their ethnical background as they became ruler from first hand of Afghanistan as the first Non-Pashtuns since 1747. Since then, traditionally, from 1747 all kings of Xurasan and later Afghanistan were Pashtuns. Read about the book on the following link:
http://www.genocidewatch.org/images/Afghanistan_19_May_01_Afghan_Call_for_Ethnic_Cleansing.pdf I am going to find and buy the book and publish it here so you can see I am not liyng. In 2005, Pakman? Organization, a sister party of AfghanMellat and a PAKISTANI Pashtun party was hardly integrated to Afghanistan´s education ministery by criminal sell-out Pashtun/ist Karzai. They made public their first agendas of Pashtunization of Afghanistan´s education system. Even today, AfghanMellat who still works in Pakistan with the Taliban, are still holding their policy while their own and weak people in the south suffer by hunger, thirst and? bombs of the NATO. One of their own capitals are based in Kandahar city...where they can see clearly the misery of innocent Pashtun children and women but these stubborn Pashtuns just have an eye for their own Pashtunist wishes and Anti-Tajik-Uzbek-Hazara-Nuristani-Pashai etc. agendas, that will never come true, if all Non-Pashtuns stand against them. The Germ.-Homepage of AfghanMellat is Afghan-German Online http://www.afghan-german.de/index.asp (Afghan facism and chauvinism page). This site even try to indoctrinate children of Non-Pashtuns doing their dirty job for them and they try to bring hatred between Hazaras, Uzbeks and Tajiks by writing fake documents and lies, sponsered mostly by Khuram Agency in Afghanistan. The last act of AfghanMellat Nazis in Afghanistan was the banning of Persian words like Daneshgah (University) and the death of three Tajik students in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif. Further, they quite the journalist´s job who used the word Daneshgah, which is a pure Dari/Persian word and called the word as ''unislamic'', as the Pashtu equivalence (Poohantun, self rooted in the ''unislamic'' Persian language)? would be an''islamic'' or arabic word. For 2011 they prophecized building Pashtu-speaking schools in Kabul and all other regions and to urbanize Kichi Pashtuns, of course on the expenses of Non-Pashtuns and their lands. This video just shall be a small picture, just like a drop of the ocean about what was and still is going in Afghanistan and why a ''United'' Afghanistan will never exist and why Non-Pashtuns have to fight for their rights and survival as the original population of Xurasanzameen and not these Pashtuns. It´s very important to create an own independant state, away from Pashtuns in the south and east, where Xurasanians can live in peace and harmony as they did in pre-Pashtun periodes for millenias, otherwise we will always have war with these backward nomadic Turanin people. We dream of a time and of a country when a Jew was living side by side with a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Zoroastrian, Buddhist without having dangerous or hatefull thoughts toward them.

Ignore the word ''dog'' on the text. What´s important, is the message.

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