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Gabaro_glt Icon : (26 March 2013 - 10:17 AM) Tajikistan was inhabited by the races of Cyrus the great (Sultan skindar Zulqarnain). The achmaniend dynasty ruled the entire region for several thousnd years.Cyrus the great's son cymbasis(Combchia)with forces migrated to Balkh ancient Bactaria or Bakhtar. Sultan Sumus the desecndant of Cyrus the great faught war against Alaxander of Macdonia in Bakhtar current tajikistan.
this ruling class was inhabited in the areas, like Balkh,fargana,alai,Tajikistan,badakhshan,Kabul,Takhar,Tashkorogan,Khutan,kashkar,Swat,Kashmir,Peshawar, hashtnager,Dir, Bajour,Gilgit,for serveral thaousand years.
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Gabaro_glt Icon : (26 March 2013 - 10:00 AM) Tajikistan was inhabited by the races of Cyrus the great (Sultan skindar Zulqarnain). The achmaniend dynasty ruled the entire region for several thousnd years.Cyrus the great's son cymbasis(Combchia)with forces migrated to Balkh ancient Bactaria or Bakhtar. Sultan Sumus the desecndant of Cyrus the great faught war against Alaxander of Macdonia in Bakhtar current tajikistan.
this ruling class was inhabited in the areas, like Balkh,fargana,alai,Tajikistan,badakhshan,Kabul,Takhar,Tashkorogan,Khutan,kashkar,Swat,Kashmir,Peshawar, hashtnager,Dir, Bajour,Gilgit,for serveral thaousand years.
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Gabaro_glt Icon : (22 March 2013 - 05:20 AM) I have traced my ancestors migrated from Panj and Balkh ancient
Gabaro_glt Icon : (22 March 2013 - 05:19 AM) I am desendant of Sultan behram Gabari Tajik living in GilGit pakistan
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  1. Sultanate of Kashmir SWATI Gabari, Mamiali, Mitravi

    Posted 4 Oct 2010

    Shams ad-Din I Shah Mirza Swati..................... ...1339 - 1342
    Shah Mirza was an adventurer from Swat. He became a minister to the above ruling Hindu ruler and eventually succeeded in usurping the throne, adopting the title Shams al-Din Shah. His reign lasted three years and he was followed in turn by each of his four sons mentioned below.
    Jamshid S/o Shah Mirza..................... ............1342 - 1343
    Ali Shah Aladdin S/o Shah Mirza..................... ...1343 - 1354
    Shirashamak Shihab ad-Din S/o Shah Mirza...............1354 - 1373
    Qutb ad-Din Hindal S/o Shah Mirza..................... .1373 - 1389
    Sikandar [Butshikan] the Iconoclast S/o Hindal.........1389 - 1413
    After Hindal's death, his widow placed their young son Sikandar on the throne. No coins are known for any of these early Swati Sultans. Although there are no coins known struck in the name of this Sikandar, there are various anonymous copper coins dated to his reign. Therefore to his reign the first coins of the Kashmir Sultanate are attributed. He is known as Iconoclast and is reputed to have destroyed Hindu temples and images. Such bronze images my well have been converted into coinage. Sikandar died and was succeeded by his eldest son with the title Ali Shah.
    Ali Shah I S/o Sikandar.................. ..............1413 - 1420
    Zain al-Abidin S/o Sikandar.................. ..........1420 - 1470
    Ali Shah was defeated in battle by his brother Shahi Khan and disappears from history. Shahi Khan ascended the throne under the title Zain al-Abidin and proceeded to rule wisely and with justice for the next fifty years. Unlike his predecessor, he was tolerant of the Hindu religion and permitted its observance. He under toll various public works, promoted learning and made Persian the language of his court. He reformed the coinage striking coins in gold, silver and bronze. With a couple of exceptions, his coins formed the pattern for the sultanate Delhi's coinage until its ending the Mughal emperor Akbar. Sasnu as silver square and Kaserah as copper round coins were introduced of weight around six gram each in his reign. Zain al-Abidin's health deteriorated and his realm fell prey to the intrigues of his three sons and their supporters. After his death his son, Haji Khan, ascended the throne with the title Haidar Shah.
    Haidar Shah S/o Zain al-Abidin................. ........1470 - 1472
    Haidar turned out to be worthless drunkard, who allowed the country to be misgoverned by his ministers, thus undoing all the good work of his father. His reign lasted but a couple of years and he was succeeded by his son Hasan.
    Hasan Shah S/o Haidar Shah...................... .......1472 - 1484
    He, too, though a scholar and benevolent by nature, was also addicted to strong drink. He appointed a Sayyid minister, which led Sayyids becoming all-powerful in the sultanate. Hasan wanted to be succeeded by his cousin, Fath Khan, rather than by his eldest son Muhammad, but when he died, his minister, the Sayyid Mirak Hasan Baihaqi, placed Muhammad Shah on the throne. The Sayyids were not popular in Kashmir and Muhammad Shah's accession was hotly contested. For the next fifty years, Muhammad Shah and Fath Shah became pawns of the factional leaders, the Sayyids and the Chaks.
    Muhammad Shah S/o Hasan Shah (1st time)..................... ..1484 d. 1537
    Sayyid Mirak Hasan Baihaqi................... ..........1484 - 1485
    Fath Shah (1st time)..................... ..............1486 - 1493 d. 1516
    Muhammad Shah S/o Hasan Shah (2nd time)................1493 - 1505 d. 1537
    Fath Shah (2nd time)..................... ..............1505 - 1514 d. 1516
    Mohammad Shah S/o Hasan Shah (3rd time)................1514 - 1515 d. 1537
    Fath Shah (3rd time)..................... ..............1515 - 1516
    Muhammed Shah S/o Hasan Shah (4th time)................1516 - 1528 d. 1537
    Coins in all three metal exists in the name of Sikandar Shah. In the past these coins have been attributed to earlier Sikandar Shah. Die studies reveal, however that these coins must have been struck some time around 1516-1521 CE, either in the name of Fath Shah's son Sikandar Khan, who was proclaimed king in about 1521 by his father's erstwhile supporters, or in the name of Sikandar Lodhi of Delhi. Muhammad Shah had gone into exile to Delhi in 1516 and had appealed to the Lodhi ruler for assistance to regain his throne. Assistance was granted and Muhammad managed to oust his competitor. In return of this assistance Muhammad may have agreed to acknowledge the suzerainty of Delhi and to strike coins in the name of the Delhi ruler. In 1528, Kaji Chak became Prime Minister, removed Muhammad Shah from the throne and placed his own son Ibrahim on the throne.
    Ibrahim Shah I S/o Kaji Chak...................... .....1528 - 1529
    Nazuk (Nadir) Shah S/o Fath Shah (1st time)............1529 - 1530 d. 1552
    Within a year of Ibrahim Shah's rule, Nazuk Shah got control and ruled for about a year as well.
    Muhammad Shah S/o Hasan Shah (5th time)................1530 - 1537
    Muhammad Shah was released from prison and enthroned for the fifth time, with Nazuk Shah being relegated to heir apparent. At around this time, Kashmir was invaded by a Mughal army on the orders of Kamran. After a short occupation, the Mughals were ousted but in 1553, the country was again invaded, this time by a Kashghari army under Mirza Haidar Dughlat. The Kashgharis were successful but did not stay long. They negotiated a treaty and withdrew, having first had the name of their Khan, Mir Said Khan of Kashghar, read out in the khutba and struck on the coins of Kashmir around AH 939/940 (1553 CE). Muhammad Shah eventually died and was succeeded by his son.
    Shams Al-Din II S/o Muhammad Shah...................... 1537 - 1538
    He ruled as a puppet of his maternal grandfather, Kaji Chak. He did not enjoy his position for very long as he died the following year to be followed on the throne by his brother.
    Ismail Shah I S/o Muhammad Shah...................... ..1538 - 1539
    After a short reign Ismail Shah was replaced by his son.
    Ibrahim Shah II S/o Ismail Shah I......................1539 - 1540
    No silver coins have been found of Ibrahim II but copper coins have been struck in his name with fixed date, making it impossible to distinguish between his coins and those of Ibrahim I. Ibrahim Shah I was replaced by Nazuk Shah. The opponents of Kaji Chak has invited Mirza Haidar, who had led the Kashghari invasion of 1553, and who was serving the Mughal emperor, Humayun, in the Punjab, to take control of the country. This objected was achieved, Kaji Chak was defeated and Nazuk put on the throne. Strangely, on his coins he is called Nadir Shah and not Nazuk Shah.
    Nazuk (Nadir) Shah S/o Fath Shah (2nd time)............1540 - 1546 opposed by...
    Mirza Muhammad Haidar Dughlat................... .......1546 - 1550
    Coins struck during Mirza Haidar's reign bear the name of the Mughal emperor Muhammad Humayun and Islam Shah Suri.
    Nazuk (Nadir) Shah S/o Fath Shah (3rd time)............1550 - 1551
    Nazuk Shah was again removed and replaced this time by Ibrahim II, for his second reign.
    Ibrahim Shah II S/o Ismail Shah I......................1552 - 1555
    There was dissent among the Chaks and Ghazi Chak managed to regain power, installing firstly Ismail Shah II and then his nephew, Habib Shah as ruler.
    Ismail Shah II........................ .................1555 - 1557
    Habib (Mahmud) Shah...................... ..............1557 - 1561
    He used the name Mahmud Shah on his coins for unknown reason. Ghazi Chak decided to ascend the throne himself under the title of Muhammad Ghazi Shah.
  2. Vacancies in Kabul, Afghanistan

    Posted 28 Sep 2010

    http://unjobs. org/duty_stations/kbl
  3. Leading stories in today's Afghan media

    Posted 28 Sep 2010


    27 September 2010 - The Independent Election Commission orders a vote recount in some polling centres; Karzai urges the Interior Ministry to dissolve private security companies; Afghan insurgency leaves 1,119 civilians dead over the past six months – Interior Ministry; The Independent Election Commission calls for a vote recount in some polling centres; 1,119 civilians killed in the past six months – Afghan Interior Ministry; IEC facilitated electoral fraud – Senators; Maternal mortality rate drops in Afghanistan; Parwan governor satisfied with polls; Ghor provincial council closed.


    Outlook Afghanistan

    More than 1,119 civilians were killed and 2,473 others were injured in the Afghan insurgency in the past six months, the spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry told reporters in a joint press conference on Sunday.

    Afghan and US troops have killed five Taliban in the Zherai district of Kandahar as the troops went ahead with a massive joint operation ‘Dragon Strike.’ Several areas in Zherai district and along the Arghandab River were cleared of militants during the operation, said the district chief. The operation is said to be the first major offensive in Kandahar since new NATO commander David Petraeus' took over some months back.

    Maternal mortality rates per 100,000 live births have decreased to 1,400 in 2010 against 1,600 in 2002, Acting Public Health Minister Dr Suraya Dalil told journalists in Kabul on Sunday. Vaccination and expansion of health facilities were the factors behind the decrease, Dalil said. The country director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Peter Graff, promised his organization will continue assisting the Afghan Health Ministry in controlling maternal and child mortality rates. UNICEF’s country director said the agency will enhance assistance for health services in the country.

    Unidentified gunmen shot dead an IEC employee in Sari Pul province, provincial police chief said on Sunday.

    "We did our best to secure polling sites and voters. Thank God the process ended without bloodshed," the governor of Parwan province said on Sunday. He acknowledged some technical problems during the election and blamed the IEC for the use of fake cards, cases of multiple voting and the slow-paced work at several places. The governor denied accusations of Government support to certain candidates.

    Following a shutdown against the slow pace of work on reconstruction projects and the suspension of a road scheme in Chaghcharan, Provincial Council members also closed down their offices in Ghor province on Sunday.

    A number of Afghan senators on Sunday accused the IEC of facilitating electoral fraud during the parliamentary elections.

    Afghan Interior Ministry has sent a plan for dissolving private security firms to the National Security Council (NSC) for a review and approval, spokesman for the ministry said on Sunday.

    Afghanistan's IEC has ordered a recount of votes in some areas for recent parliamentary elections, a senior IEC official said Sunday, raising further concerns of misconduct and fraud during the polls.

    Philip Alston, a former top-ranking UN official on extrajudicial killings, has called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan.

    Coalition forces in an airstrike killed some 40 Taliban in Khost, the provincial police chief said on Sunday.

    Unidentified gunmen kidnapped a British employee of an American non-governmental organization (DAI) along with three Afghan workers in Kunar province on Sunday, the provincial police chief said.

    State Media Editorials

    Hewad Daily

    The Afghan people have bad memories of the illegal armed groups in the past decades and private security companies in the past years. Their existence not only harms the security situation but also endangers the process of good system building in the country.

    Private Media Editorials

    Mandegar Daily

    Following recent reports about widespread fraud that will affect the election results, the editorial says that the leadership of the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC), by considering its responsibility of ensuring transparency of the elections, should take proper measures to separate the fraudulent and invalid votes cast in the election process.

    Hasht-e-Subh Daily

    The editorial says it is not clear what will happen to the so-called peace talks now that military operations have started in Kandahar.

    Daily Afghanistan

    The Daily opposing the formation of a local police force commented that this force, which is a kind of paramilitary formation and is selected by elders in the villages, in a short term will have a positive impact on the security situation. However, in the long term, it will not be controllable by the Interior Ministry. The Ministry instead should increase the number of national police which can easily be controlled.


    Herat (RTA) Headlines

    Herat police have arrested a man wearing a police uniform and extorting money from the people.

    Herat custom officials announced a 36 per cent increase in income compared to last year.

    Takhar (8 Subh Daily) Headlines

    The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) donated more than 4,000 desks and chairs together with furniture and carpets to 11 schools of Takhar province at a cost of US$ 200,000.

    Nangarhar (RTA) Headlines

    Rotary International and the Government of Canada funded a nine-month project of a 30-room Araban High School construction in Jalalabad, at a total cost of US$ 230,000.

    Nangarhar (Radio Killid-Jalalabad) Headlines

    After demonstrations in Laghman province, the Government and ISAF stopped military operations in Alishang district of Laghman province, in order to prevent civilian casualties.

    Paktya (Khost RTA) Headlines

    Police detained a man on the charges of having relations with Taliban militants in Latako village of Khost city, and is under interrogation now, officials said.

    Paktya (Paktya Ghag Radio) Headlines

    In a NATO air-strike, 40 militants were killed in Khost province, an official said on Sunday. The incident took place when Taliban militants assaulted check posts of border forces in Gurbaz district of Khost province.


    Tolo TV Headlines

    The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has announced that the votes of three parliamentary poll candidates are invalid. Meanwhile,the IEC head on Sunday ordered a vote recount of some polling centres and polling stations in Khost, Takhar, Parwan, Balkh and Badakhshan provinces. The commission also invalidated the votes of two polling centers in Khost.

    A number of Afghan senators on Sunday accused the IEC of facilitating electoral fraud during the parliamentary elections.

    Philip Alston, a former top-ranking UN official on extrajudicial killings, has called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has said that it is supporting any steps to put an end to the impunity culture in Afghanistan and to maintain justice in the country.

    A national security meeting was held today. In the meeting President Karzai urged the Afghan Interior Minister to accelerate the process of dissolving private security companies in the country.

    More than 1,119 civilians were killed and 2,473 others were injured in the Afghan insurgency in the past six months, the spokesman for MoI told reporters in a joint press conference on Sunday.

    An international employee of a foreign development organization, along with a driver and a guard, were kidnapped on Sunday on the Kunar-Jalalabad highway.

    Ariana TV Headlines

    Afghan and NATO troops have killed over 40 Taliban in the Gurbuz district of Khost, said security officials in the province.

    The IEC has invalidated the vote results of two polling centres in Khost, said the IEC head in a press conference in Kabul.

    The process of establishing a local police forces has begun in eight provinces, said the Afghan Interior Ministry.

    United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has donated 4,000 school tables and chairs worth US$ 200,000 to 11 schools in Takhar.
  4. Afghan President Karzai's Brother Targeted In U.S. Investigation

    Posted 28 Sep 2010

    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

    U.S. prosecutors have launched a criminal probe of one of the brothers of Afghan President Hamid Karzai to determine whether he should be charged with tax evasion, racketeering, or extortion, according to unnamed sources quoted in "The Wall Street Journal."

    The paper notes that "any move to indict Mahmood Karzai, who is a U.S. citizen, carries huge risks for American officials, whose anticorruption efforts have often provoked sharp backlashes from President Karzai."

    U.S. authorities are quoted as saying that the investigation into the activities of Mahmood Karzai, the president's oldest brother, is a result of a corruption probe being conducted by federal prosecutors in New York.

    Mahmood Karzai denied any wrongdoing, saying, "They won't find anything; I'm just a businessman," according to the paper.

    Any decision on whether to prosecute under U.S. jurisdiction would rest ultimately with the Justice Department.

    Mahmood Karzai ran a restaurant in Massachusetts before 2001, but has expanded his interests to include a one-fifth stake in a major housing development outside the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, according to "The Wall Street Journal."

    He was also a shareholder in Kabul Bank, which was Afghanistan's largest privately held bank until authorities took it over amid a run on the bank after reports that it had been gutted by corruption and risky investments.

    Another presidential brother, Ahmad Wali Karzai, is a prominent politician in the Kandahar area who has been targeted by persistent allegations of corruption and purported involvement in the drug trade. He has denied any wrongdoing and said such charges are the result of politically motivated grudges.

    Afghan anticorruption authorities' detention of presidential aide Mohammad Zia Salehi this summer reportedly sparked ill will between Karzai and U.S. officials, who have pushed hard for greater accountability by Kabul with billions of dollars in aid pouring into Afghanistan.

    -------------------------- --------------------------- ---------------------------
  5. Fraud and turnout weigh on "miracle" Afghan poll

    Posted 20 Sep 2010

    Reuters) - The top United Nations diplomat in Afghanistan said on Sunday it was too early to describe a parliamentary election as a success, with an expected 4,000 complaints to be heard and turnout figures not yet established.

    Afghan election officials declared Saturday's result a success despite widespread reports of fraud, worryingly low voter turnout and attacks across the country that killed at least 17 people after the Taliban vowed to disrupt the poll.

    "I think that that is premature, with all due respect," Staffan de Mistura, special representative for U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Reuters in an interview.

    "They have done a great job ... But I would wait to talk about success," he said in Kabul.

    Election officials pored over votes on Sunday but there will be a long wait before even preliminary results are declared, with ballots still to come in from remote areas and thousands of complaints expected from unsuccessful candidates.

    The election was being closely watched in Washington ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama's planned war strategy review in December, which will likely examine the pace and scale of U.S. troop withdrawals after nine years of war.

    A flawed poll would weigh on Obama when his administration faces mid-term Congressional elections in November amid sagging public support for the war, with violence at its worst since the Taliban were ousted in 2001.

    Some areas have started sending checked ballot boxes back to Kabul, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) told Reuters, but early signs were that almost a million fewer votes were cast than in a flawed 2009 presidential poll.

    The IEC said on Saturday the number of Afghans who cast ballots was about 3.6 million, although de Mistura said the final figure would likely be around 4 million.

    The IEC has said there were 11.4 million voters but de Mistura said that number only represented the number of ballot papers sent to polling stations and that the real number of eligible voters was probably closer to 10.5 million.


    The Taliban twice threatened to disrupt the election and warned voters to stay away. Their threat seemed to have some impact on turnout, with nervous voters staying at home after the hardline Islamists launched scores of attacks across the country.

    The bodies of three election officials kidnapped during voting were found in northern Balkh province on Sunday, IEC chairman Fazl Ahmad Manawi said.

    The violence was slightly down on last year's election but was more widespread, and reached into once peaceful areas.

    Attempted fraud was also a major concern, with reports of ballot-stuffing, repeat voting, vote-buying and other fraud coming in from across the country.

    The challenges meant many observers were circumspect in assessing the poll, a key test of government credibility after the 2009 presidential election was tarnished by massive fraud.

    The U.S. embassy in Kabul said the results and quality of the poll would not be immediately evident. Likely many, de Mistura congratulated the IEC for staging the poll amid an insurgency that is at its most violent since the Taliban's ouster in 2001.

    "If they meant success holding the election, then we would all agree, it was almost a miracle," de Mistura said.

    "Beyond that I would wait and be cautious."

    The Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan reported "extensive irregularities" ranging from the destruction of polling centers to ballot stuffing, erratic opening and closing times of polls and interference by candidates.

    In a statement on its website, FEFA called on the IEC "to ensure the integrity of the rest of the electoral process."

    De Mistura said he expected as many as 4,000 complaints which the U.N.-backed Electoral Complaints Commission would have to judge. Most would come from candidates who did not win one of the 249 seats in the wolesi jirga, or lower house of parliament.

    The ECC itself has termed the election "disputatious."

    The final turnout figure will likely be the lowest of the four elections held in Afghanistan since the Taliban were toppled -- presidential elections in 2004 and 2009 and parliamentary polls in 2005 and 2010.

    "The declining trend signifies several things, most prominently a growing disillusionment and disengagement with the process, and the impact of a worsening security situation," Martine van Bijlert of the Afghanistan Analysts Network wrote in a blog on Sunday (here)

    Preliminary results are due to be published on October 8 at the earliest, with final results not out before October 30.

    The need for the ECC to adjudicate on so many complaints could push that timeframe out even further.

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