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Gabaro_glt Icon : (26 March 2013 - 10:17 AM) Tajikistan was inhabited by the races of Cyrus the great (Sultan skindar Zulqarnain). The achmaniend dynasty ruled the entire region for several thousnd years.Cyrus the great's son cymbasis(Combchia)with forces migrated to Balkh ancient Bactaria or Bakhtar. Sultan Sumus the desecndant of Cyrus the great faught war against Alaxander of Macdonia in Bakhtar current tajikistan.
this ruling class was inhabited in the areas, like Balkh,fargana,alai,Tajikistan,badakhshan,Kabul,Takhar,Tashkorogan,Khutan,kashkar,Swat,Kashmir,Peshawar, hashtnager,Dir, Bajour,Gilgit,for serveral thaousand years.
Gabaro_glt Icon : (26 March 2013 - 10:16 AM) hellow
Gabaro_glt Icon : (26 March 2013 - 10:00 AM) Tajikistan was inhabited by the races of Cyrus the great (Sultan skindar Zulqarnain). The achmaniend dynasty ruled the entire region for several thousnd years.Cyrus the great's son cymbasis(Combchia)with forces migrated to Balkh ancient Bactaria or Bakhtar. Sultan Sumus the desecndant of Cyrus the great faught war against Alaxander of Macdonia in Bakhtar current tajikistan.
this ruling class was inhabited in the areas, like Balkh,fargana,alai,Tajikistan,badakhshan,Kabul,Takhar,Tashkorogan,Khutan,kashkar,Swat,Kashmir,Peshawar, hashtnager,Dir, Bajour,Gilgit,for serveral thaousand years.
Gabaro_glt Icon : (26 March 2013 - 09:46 AM) hellow
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Gabaro_glt Icon : (22 March 2013 - 05:22 AM) I would like to here something from a tajik brother/sister living in Tajikstan
Gabaro_glt Icon : (22 March 2013 - 05:20 AM) I have traced my ancestors migrated from Panj and Balkh ancient
Gabaro_glt Icon : (22 March 2013 - 05:19 AM) I am desendant of Sultan behram Gabari Tajik living in GilGit pakistan
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  1. Friends, I need your help.

    Posted 17 May 2011


    There are two things that i need your help with.
    There are time constraints on both as i will be going back to Iran at the end of june.

    1. My first objective is to raise awareness about the issue pertaining to persians in Afghanistan.

    I plan to work at the grassroots level; that is, I plan to inform a certain number of people and thereby, if i am able to make a large enough impact, create something of a ripple effect.

    The means: I have realized that i am not going to get much accomplished if i sit around in majlises and talk to friends and family members about these issues. This is the route i have taken thus far and it has failed miserably; even my own father is still fixated on Israel, Lebanon and Syria.
    It has failed for two reasons: 1. I simply cant reach many people on my own 2. Anything that comes out of my 20-something year old, clean-shaven mouth is not going to carry much weight.

    I therefore need an alternate route to get my point across.

    I have stumbled upon the idea of handing out pamphlets to family friends and relatives.
    I will start with a pamphlet that pertains to issues facing Tajiks in Afghanistan (ethnic friction, etc.)
    Then perhaps in a few months i can disseminate a pamphlet pertaining to issues facing Tajiks in Uzbekistan (Uzbekization in Samarqand and Bokhara, etc.)
    Finally, even later, I can hand out a pamphlet pertaining to issues facing Tajiks in Tajikistan (development and reassertion of national identity, etc.)

    So, I am going to start with Afghanistan.
    The pamphlet cant be too long because otherwise it wont be read.
    I am thinking about distributing:
    نقش ارد بزرگ و احمدشاه مسعود در تغییر نام افغانستان به خراسان

    Now, I searched for this piece and i found it in text format both on this site and elsewhere
    The issue is that i need it in PDF format.
    All the PDF links appear to be defunct.
    I would appreicate it if someone here could acquire the PDF version of this book.
    I can then put the PDF copy on a flash drive, take it to Iran and have it printed and bound with a cover.

    Also, if you feel that there is any other book that better highlights the issues facing afghanistani persians, please go ahead and suggest it.
    I actually have only read parts of the book myself but i will read it thoroughly once i find the time.

    In my preliminary assesment, it appears satisfactory for the purpose.

    I had originally planned to discuss the other project with which i need help but I am running on very little sleep.
    I suppose ill discuss it tommorow; Ill just say that it has something to do with Tajik wikipedia.

    I hope there will be some activity in this thread within the next 24 hrs. The bystander effect shouldnt be a concern given the number of active members on this forum ;)
  2. Badakhshan

    Posted 29 Apr 2011

    I have always been fascinated by the beautiful mountains of Badakhshan-a region comprising much of Eastern Tajikistan and Northeastern Afghanistan

    The Pamir range is most prominent in Tajikistan but also stretches into the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.
    I thought it would be great to share some pictures of this beautiful mountain range.

    Perhaps we could do a series on Mountain ranges and particularly the ones that are most relevant to the Persian people.

    Our ranges we might want to consider:
    - Zagros
    - Qafqaaz (Caucasus)
    - Alborz
    - Hindu Kush

    The Pamir have the highest peaks and so i'll cover them first.
    Perhaps i can add a few pictures everyday and others can help.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Ismoil Somoni Peak
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  3. "Farsi-e-Qadim" the language of Nomadic Persians

    Posted 1 Apr 2011

    In recent centuries, Non-Lurs have come to refer to the language that the Lur-Bakhtiari speak as a distinct Persian dialect known as "Luri".

    However, the term "Luri" is seldom used amongst our families. Even when we do use the term, it mainly serves as an ethnic designator for the Persian nomads living in Western Iran, not as a designation for our dialect.

    Most of our elders refer to our language simply as "Farsi-e-Qadim" (Old Farsi).
    I had often wondered why this term never appeared in the writings of European anthropologists who studied Lurs in the 19th Century. However, a few days ago, while i was reading Sir Austen Henry Layard's book on his travels in Persia, I finally encountered a reference to the term. I had failed to realized that English lacks the "gh" (Q) phoneme and so the phrase appeared instead as "Farsi-e-Kadim".
    Using this new term, i was able to find a large number of works that discussed the language of the Lur-Bakhtiari Qizilbash and identified it as "Farsi-e-Kadim"

    Most linguists assert that Luri is an off-shoot of either Old Persian or Middle Persian but i would take the argument further and argue that Luri-Bakhtiari is nothing more than an accent of Persian and Lurs-Bakhtiari are really simply Nomadic Persians.

    I think the example of Fars province illustrates this point best; in the western part of the province you have the Mamasani "Lurs" and adjacent to Mamasani district you have the "Persian" district of Shiraz.The districts border on one another and the variant of "Luri" spoken in Mamasani is very close to the Shirazi accent of Persian. Yet, Shirazis are identified as Persians and Mamasanis as a seperate ethnic group simply because Shirazis are settled and Mamasanis are nomadic.
    It is ludicrous.

    Here as two of the sources that i found that deal with this topic:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  4. The Tajik Tragedy

    Posted 16 Nov 2010

    Dorood, I had a little spare time on my hands and so I decided to put some of my thoughts about the Samarqand-Bukhara question on paper

    The Tajik people of Central Asia are, by definition, dehghan Persians and so when one thinks of the Tajik nation and the Tajik nation-state, towns and cities naturally come to mind.
    It would therefore be reasonable to assume that any Tajik nation-state would contain the historic cities that reflect this inextricable facet of Tajik identity.

    Tragically, this is not the case.

    With casual strokes of their pens, ignorant and/or malignant Soviet cartographers mercilessly annexed the Tajik centers of Bukhara and Samarqand and created an abomination that they choose to label “Tajik SSR”.
    Bukhara and Samarqand are still Persian cities but there can be no doubt as to what is currently happening, there can be denial of the fact that Samarqand and Bukhara are now the targets of a ruthless Uzbekification program that is being implemented at the behest of the half-tajik-turned-Uzbek-nationalist Islam Karimov
    Day after day, Samarqand and Bukhara are being assaulted; they are being assaulted by the officials of the Uzbek ministry of culture, they are being assaulted by the censors of the Karimov government and they are being assaulted by waves of Uzbek migration from the countryside.
    Our generation will be remembered as the generation which stood by and watched the Uzbekification of the greatest Persian cities in Central Asia.
    That is, if we chose to stand by

    I have thought long and hard about this issue and I have come to conclusion that there is really only one viable solution to the Samarqand-Bukhara Question; Military Action.

    Now, before anyone calls me a Lur-e-jangara, I will explain why I have concluded that the military option is they only feasible solution.
    The central concern is the fragility of the Persian population of Samarqand and Bukhara and the logistic hurdles that we face; the problem is that Samarqand and Bukhara represent small but populous concentrations and they are therefore extremely vulnerable.
    They are vulnerable because relatively effortless population movements can completely change the demographics of these cities; we must understand that if the Karimov government or its successors ever feel threatened, they can easily and rapidly change the demographics of these cities and destroy the Tajik majority.
    This vulnerability of Samarqand and Bukhara is the reason that we cannot utilize nonviolent movements and the reason that we must elect to use decisive military action.

    The key to success in any attempt to annex territory in our modern UN-dominated world is to not appear to be the aggressor. In short, we would need to provoke the Uzbekistani government into attacking us.
    This is fairly simple to do and it can be accomplished through shrewd use of Tajikistan’s stranglehold on the rivers that sustain Uzbekistan. The Zarafshan and the Amu Darya rivers which consistitute the lifeline of Uzbekistan both have their headwaters in Tajikistan and we can use this fact to our advantage. We can discreetly manipulate these water resources in order to provoke Uzbek military action.
    Once the Uzbeks do “initiate” hostilities, the Tajiks must fall back in apparent disarray as the international community looks on in sympathy and witnesses the Uzbek “aggressor” brutalize its weaker neighbor.

    Then, at the opportune moment, once we have garnered enough international sympathy for our "plight", there must a massive Iranian-Tajik*(refer to note) joint “counteroffensive” in the aftermath of an airlift of Iranian troops to Tajikistan. We must push deep and fast into Uzbekistan and we must occupy Samarqand and Tashkent (both of which are near the Tajik border) before declaring a “generous” unilateral cease-fire. In the subsequent peace negotiations we must continue to portray our actions as mere reactions to Uzbek aggression and we must negotiate a withdrawal of our troops from Tashkent in exchange for the establishment of Samarqand and Bukhara as enclaves of Tajikistan. In the case of Samarqand, we can perhaps even negotiate to gain the portion of the Zerafshan valley that lies between the Panjikent and Samarqand.
    Our stated motivation for the acquisition of the enclaves must be the safeguarding of the local Tajik population and we must foster local Samarqandi and Bukhari organizations that make it appear that the motivation for the annexation is emanating from within the cities.

    *note: This is, of course, the most problematic condition in the scenario and it is contingent on the establishment of a secular-nationalist government in Tehran; a prospect that is not too far-fetched in the near future given the prevailing political climate in Iran

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