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Posted 11 August 2009 - 10:42 AM

Hi everyone

You are now using new forum; i hope you will admire using it.

Please do not write anything else but you can help and explain some features of the forum.

Under this topic i will introduce some features of this forum

1) Quick reply

Also named Fast reply, you can see it under each topic. You can easily post your replies by using Fast reply. No need to click on Reply button.

2) Comment Users

You can simply click over any username you want to be in contact and goto his/her profile. Then you can put comment there. No need to mail or contact via msn or yahoo messenger.

3) Warn status

In any post, you can see "warn status" under any members avatar or nick name. If you don't agree with any member in his/her view of posts or you want to express your feelings against anyone without writting something that may insult him/her, then use this feature. You can put "-" or "+" .

4) Forum Statistics

You can view some prepared statistics about the forum and members from the bar down in the forums main page.

I upload a photo for this, to show you clearly:

Posted Image

Lets see what they are:

a- Today's active content: You can view current days new topics and replied topics.

b- The moderating team: Admins and moderators

c- Today's top 20 posters: It is clear, no else info needed.

d- Overall top posters: The great posters of the forum.

To be continued...


Posted 10 October 2009 - 01:40 PM

5) Embed youtube Videos

Just copy the part after the = of youtube videos and wrap it like this: *youtube#the code here*/youtube# replace * with [ and # with ]

Example video :