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Posted 09 May 2008 - 11:27 PM

Dorood all.

As the Parsians (Tajikan) of Afghanistan we must understand why we have - along with the other groups of Afghanistan suffered so much - and why is that history keeps repeating itself constantly there.

The nature of the problems we face - the fundamentals of which escapes many of our fellow Parsians, some of them have a basic idea, but lack the real details, and constantly are led astray by various ideologies with the promises of utopia (Islamists, Communists) - the result of which has been the destruction of their own peoples by their own hands and actions. It has been and continues to be the cause of their disunity.

The aim here is to understand the real nature of the problems we face within Afghanistan and to communicate it to our fellow Parsians in order to get them to appreciate the importance of not being on opposing sides to each other - in games designed by others.


The very concept of Afghanistan is against the interests of all the citizens of that country - it is foreign to that land - it is a creation of the British and Russian Tsarists as part of their efforts to erase the Parsian culture and identity of that region. They are the designers of this game called Afghanistan - something which is designed for all the people within it to always be each others enemy and living in fear of each other.

Until this game exists - this game which I refer to as the 'concept of Afghanistan' there will be no real peace and the existence of the holders of the real identity of that land - the Pars (Tajik) peoples will be at risk. The culture of Khurasan which united not only the people of current Afghanistan - but a vast regions to the north and regions to the east will be continuously attacked and destroyed.

The fundamental way to real peace and unity and dignity is to remove the evil tribalistic concept of Afghanistan and to restore the Khurasani civilizational identity of the land.

The thread will be devoted to proving the above hypothesis as being true or false - through studying in detail the following:

    [*]To study the ideology behind the concept of Afghanistan

      [*] How has the ideology evolved?

      [*] What role has the active promotion of tribalistic 'Pashtun' nationalism within Afghanistan played in shaping the ideology of the concept of Afghanistan?

      [*] What are the various arguments used to reduce resistance to the idea that the state of Afghanistan - that is its government always has an active policy of promoting Pashtun nationalism?

      [*] What is the so called idea of 'Afghanyat' ?

      [*] To study the reasons behind the formation of the Afghan state, and its continuation as an entity?

        [*] What was the roles of imperial powers, Tsarist Russia and the British Empire in the process.

        [*] Whom benefited/benefits most from its existence - and who lost/is loosing the most due to its creation?

          What were/are the views and active policy practices of the various political parties that have been in Afghanistan - regarding the concept of Afghanistan and idea of 'Wahdat e Mili' (National Unity)?

            What were the views of the:

              [*]Mashrota-ha during Amanulah Khans period?

              [*]Afghan Mellati - as created by Wakman in the 50s?

              [*]Khalqis as created by Taraki and Hafizullah Amin?

              [*]Parchamis as created by the Babrak Karmal?

              [*]Jamiat e Islami as created by Burhanuddin Rabani?

              [*]Hezb e Islami as created by Gulbudin Hekmatyar - Yunis Khalis?

              [*]Various Shia Mazhab groups - those lead by Mohseni and the Hazara based Ali Mazari faction?

              [*]The Taliban?

              [*]Today's technocrats - under the auspices of Afghan Mellat led by Anwar Ul Haq ?

                [*]What have been the ideas of modern powers (USA and Europe) and the immediate neighbors of Afghanistan about - the concept of Afghanistan as they see it - and its idea of national unity?

                  [*]What has been the view of the Americans with regard to the concept of Afghanistan?

                  [*]What has been the view(s) of the Pakistanis with regard to the concept of Afghanistan?

                  [*]What have been the views of the Iranians with regard to the concept of Afghanistan?

                  [*]What have been the view of the northern and regional neighbor(s) of Afghanistan about its national ideology? China, USSR as a whole - to the successor states: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia.


                  to be continued ...




Posted 12 May 2008 - 10:17 PM

I have posted some books from google that are written about events which are close to that of Awghanistan´s. For example about the war we have, the war between the different nations there, otr about the history of the british empire which also explain their plans and agendas how to conquer countries by using war-like and backward nations as tools. All those books are not only reflect Afghanistans situation, also in a passive way since most of them do not deal with Afghanistan, but they show us reasons from other parts of the world we have also in Afgh.