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By Tahir Kabuli

The name Tajik (also spelled Tadjik, Tajek) refers a group of people who are believed to be one of the pure and close decedents of the ancient Aryans. Their country was called Aryana Vajeh and the name "Taa-jyaan" from which came the word Tajik is mentioned in The Avesta. The Zoroaster's Gathas were also directed to an Aryan audience and there are several references to this community as being situated in the "home" of the Aryans.

Hearing merely the word Aryan reminds one of the Nazis, white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the like but in the academic circles it was an issue that fascinated a great number with and ancient peoples who called themselves Aryans whose modern descendants live mostly in what is now called Afghanistan, central Asian countries and are called Tajiks. Persians are an offshoot the Aryans (Tajiks) who moved from Aryana Vejahy westward.

The word Aryan or Arya found its way to Europe in 1700s when European explorers began to learn about Sanskrit, the ancient language of the sacred text of India which mentions about the Aryans and their migration to India. Many scholars of Western languages including Latin and Greek noticed the close similarities between those languages and that of Sanskrit which bear a lot of influence of migrating Aryans. In the late 18th century, Sir William Jones was the first person to suggest a theory that those languages might have been related and have common roots.


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