Memories of Khorasan E-mail

Man is forgetful
But the land remembers all
Each battle, each victory, each gain, each loss
Every birth, every death, every step, every fall
Memories engraved in the wind
Calling for a time long past and for a people long separated
There were days of glory
And there were lands made for kings
History and blood mixes in stories
In tales of conquests and destruction
The victor tells the world what to remember
And the victims are shown what their descendants have lost
The outline of a faded empire
Mirrors the soul of a Tajik
His heart divided the way of his homeland
Scattered pieces across rivers and mountains
Across wide plains and borders
Though man forgets
A Tajik should always remember
The land that stands under his feet
Remains as a ghost of days departed but not sealed
If he listens, he will hear
Bukhara talk of a time of knowledge
When once it stood as a source of light
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Dr. Latif Pedram on Khorasan TV E-mail
Dr. Latif Pedram is the Co-founder and Spokesperson for the National Congress of Afghanistan. He is also a Renowned Journalist, Poet, and Writer.
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