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 By Tahir Kabuli

It would be quit shocking for our people to name a newly born child, George, Fing Len Su, or Chandra Gupta. Indeed, it should be shocking because these names are all foreign and should never be used by our people. However, the irony is that though we consider such names as foreign and avoid using them, we are overly using Arabic names which are foreign too. The Arab invaders not only brought their religion but also imposed many aspects of their culture on us. These undesirable effects of Arabs will not go away unless we effectively and aggressively discard them and promote our culture instead.

The following is a list of Tajik names. Some are commonly used, some rarely and some are but forgotten. Every single of them has a well defined meaning that is deeply attached to our history, culture and our identity. Let's avoid using Arabic names. Let's capture our own essence. Let's use our own Tajik names. In future, as time permits, this list will be completed with full meaning of the names along with a historical description wherever necessary.


Girls Name

Name Literal Meaning
Afareen Praise; also means to create
Afsana Legend, a fairy tale
Afsar Crown
Afshan To Sprinkle
Afsoon Charm, spell, bewitchment
Anahita Name of an ancient goddess
Anoosheh Happy, fortunate
Ara Ornament, decoration
Arezo Wish
Arghavan Redish Purple
Armaghan Gift
Asa Like, similar to
Asal Honey
Ava or Awa Voice, call
Avizeh A pendant
Azar Fire, also name of a month
Azin Ornamental accessories like jewelry
Bahar Spring ( season)
Baharah Someone who brings the spring
Baharak Small Spring (season)
Banafshah A flower
Banou Lady
Behnaz Best coquetry 
Behrukh Best face, beautiful
Belour or Belourine Crystal
Bizhan Name of a character from Shahnameh
Boosah Kiss
Darya River, Sea
Delaram Quiet-hearted
Delbar Charming, Sweetheart
Delkash Fascinating, attractive
Delruba Heart robber/attractor
Dorri A glittering star
Farahnak Mother of Fraidun from Shahnameh 
Farahnaz Splendid coquetry, glorious coquetry, joy
Faranghis A female character from Shahnameh. 
Farhana .
Farkhonda Happy, joyous
Farrin Glorified
Farrukh .
Farzaneh Wise, smart
Freshta Angel
Fila Lover
Firoza A kind of precious stone. Also color of the same stone, blue.
Forogh Brightness
Forozan Shining
Forozenda Shining
Freba Charming, enticing, deceptive/seductive
Fruzan Glowing, shining
Gawhar Jewel
Geesou Women's hair, ringlet, tress
Ghoncheh Bud of a flower
Giti World
Golbahar flower of Spring
Gulgun .
Gulnar Flower of the pomegranate tree
Gulnaz Beautiful and delicate like a flower
Gulnessa .
Gulpari Beautiful as pari and delicate as flower
Gulshan A place or garden full of flowers
Gurdia A female character from Shahnameh 
Hangahma Uproar, wonder, marvel 
Hasti Existence
Huma A mythical high flying bird symbolizing free spirit and freedom.
Jahan Ara .
Javaneh Sprout, young
Katayoun A female character from Shahnameh 
Khandan Smiling
Khaterah Memory
Khojasta Auspicious
Khorsheed Sun
Lala Tulip
Lila The lilac tree
Lily A kind of flower
Mahasti .
Mahdokht Daughter of the Moon, or as beautiful as Moon
Mahnaz .
Mahrukh A face like moon. Beautiful
Mahsa Like moon
Mahtab Moon
Mahwash Moon-like
Manizha A female character from Shahnameh 
Marjan Coral
Marmar Marble
Mastana Joyous or carefree
Mehrangiz Affectionate, to cause affection
Mehrnaz .
Mehrnoosh .
Mehry Affectionate, kind
Mina Enamel
Minoo Paradise, heaven
Mitra Name of an ancient God
Mona Name of a God
Murwarid Pearl
Muzghan Eyelashes
Muzhdah Good news
Nahal A young plant
Najela Cute
Nargis A kind of flower
Nasreen A kind of flower
Nastaran A kind of flower
Nava Tune
Naz .
Naz gul .
Nazaneen .
Nazhin .
Nazhla .
Nazy Cute
Neelab Blue water
Neelufar A kind of flower
Negar Sweetheart
Negeen Precious stone(usually on ring)
Negha Look
Niki Goodness
Nikoo Beautiful, good
Nousafarin Creator of joy
Noushin Sweet
Padidah Phenomenon
Parand Silk
Parastoo A kind of bird (ghuchi)
Pareeya .
Pari A mythical and beautiful creature, fairy
Paricheher Beautiful, having a beautiful face like Pari (fairy)
Parirow Beautiful, having a face like pari (fairy)
Parisa Like a fairy
Pariwash Like a fairy
Parwana Butterfly
Parween Name of a star
Paymaneh Measuring cup
Paywand Connection
Poran dokht A female character in Shahnemah 
Rasa Expressive stature
Roudabeh A character from Shahnameh
Rukhshan/Rukhsana Name of an ancien princess of Bactria, Roxanne
Saaman A kind of flower, Jasmin
Saghar Wine cup
Sahar Dawn
Sahba Wine
Sapedah Dawn
Seema Face
Setara Star
Shabnam Dew
Shadan .
Shahla .
Shahnaz .
Shahrbano Lady of the town, beautiful lady who is known by whole town for beauty
Shahrnaz The towns favorite 
Shahrzad Born in city
Shahzadah Prince or Princess, born of a king
Shameem Breeze
Shararah Sparks or flames of fire
Sheeftah Fascinated or captivated
Sheela .
Sheeva Charming
Shervin .
Shirin Sweet
Shirin bano Sweet lady
Shogofa Blossom
Shokouh Splendor
Sholah Flames
Simin Silvery, of silver
Soudabah A female character from Shahnameh
Souzan Burning 
Tahminah A female character from Shahnameh
Tara Star
Tarana Song
Yagana Unique, single
Yakta Unique, single
Yalda Name of the longest night of the year
Yasaman Jasmin
Zarrin Golden
Zarrin dokht Golden girl
Zarrina Golden
Zeba .
Zhalah .
Zheela .


Boy's Name

Name Literal Meaning
Anoushirvan Name of a king
Arash .
Ardavan A character in Shahnameh
Ardshir A character in Shahnameh
Armeen A character in Shahnameh
Aryan Noble
Arzhang A character in Shahnameh
Ashkan .
Atash Fire
Awrang Wisdom
Azad Free
Azada Free
Azarkhsh .
Azerm .
Babak A character in Shahnameh
Bahman .
Bahram A character in Shahnameh
Bamdad Early morning
Behnam Someone with good and honorable name
Behrang Good color
Behruz Fortunate, someone who is having good day or time
Behzad Of good breed or race
Buzurgmehr Very kind, also a character in Shahnameh
Dara Rich, also a character in Shahnameh
Darab A character in Shahnameh
Daryush Name of a king
Dehqan Farmer
Esfandyar A character in Shahnameh
Faramarz A character in Shahnameh
Faraz Of high status, above, on top
Fardad .
Fardin .
Farhad .
Farhang Of good breeding
Fariad Cry, scream, out spoken.
Fariborz A character from Shahnameh.
Farrukh Happy, fortunate
Farrukhzad .
Farshad Happy
Farzad Splendid birth
Farzam Worthy, befitting
Farzann Wise
Farzin Learned
Feda Sacrifice
Firuz or Piruz Victor, successful
Forood A character from Shahnameh.
Fraidun A character from Shahnameh.
Fruhar .
Giv A character from Shahnameh.
Goudarz A character from Shahnameh.
Gulab .
Gushtasb A character from Shahnameh.
Hamasa Achievement, accomplishment, heroic act.
Hoshang A character from Shahnameh.
Houshmand Wise
Housyar Wise
Human A character from Shahnameh.
Humayon Royal, fortunate
Hurmoz A character from Shahnameh.
Iraj A character from Shahnameh.
Jahandar Owner of the world
Jahangeer Conqueror of the world
Jahanshah King/Emperor of the World
Jawid Everlasting
Kaihan/ Kaiyan World, Universe
Kaikhosrow A character from Shahnameh.
Kaiqubad A character from Shahnameh.
Kambiz  Fortunate
Kamran Successful, fortunate
Kamshad Successful
Kamyar Successful
Kanishka .
Kasra A character from Shahnameh.
Kavah A character from Shahnameh.
Kavoos A character from Shahnameh.
Khashyar Name of an ancient king
Khoram .
khosrow A character from Shahnameh.
Khuda dad God given
Kia King, protector, defender
Kianoosh A character from Shahnameh.
Kiumars A character from Shahnameh.
Kohyar .
Kosha Diligent, hard working
Koshan .
Kourash An ancient king
Mahyar A character from Shahnameh.
Mani .
Manuchehar A character from Shahnameh.
Mazdak .
Mehrab A character from Shahnameh.
Mehrak A character from Shahnameh.
Mehran/Mehrang A character from Shahnameh.
Mehrdad Gift of the sun, a gift given by the sun
Mehrzad Born of the son
Morad Wish, or desire
Namdar Famous
Namvar Famous
Naraiman A character from Shahnameh.
Neda .
Niyoosha A listener
Noushzad .
Omaid Hope
Padshah King
Paghahan .
Pagzman .
Paikan .
Paiman Promise
Parsa Pure, devout or holy
Parwaaze A character from Shahnameh.
Payam Message
Pazhman Heart broken, sad
Pendar Contemplation, thought
Poya Searcher
Qiomars A character from Shahnameh.
Qubad A character from Shahnameh.
Rastin Truthfulness, sincerity integrity
Rohina .
Roozbeh Fortunate
Roshan .
Royan .
Rukhshan Flashing
Rustam A character from Shahnameh.
Salar Leader
Sam A character from Shahnameh.
Saman Home, welfare
Sasan Founder of the Sassanian Dynasty
Sepehr Sky
Shadan .
Shahbaz Royal falcon
Shaheen Falcon
Shahpur A character from Shahnameh.
Shahram The king's obedient subject
Shahrdad Gift of the city
Shahrukh Face of the king
Shahryar Friend of the city
Shahryar Friend of the king
Shaya Worthy
Shayan Worthy or deserving
Shuhab Shooting star or meteor 
Siamak Black-haired man
Siamu A character from Shahnameh.
Siawash A character from Shahnameh.
Sina .
Soroush An angel, messenger
Sougand .
Suhrab A character from Shahnameh.
Tahmaseb A character from Shahnameh.
Toktam .
Tooraj A character from Shahnameh.
Tora .
Toramana .
Varshasb A character from Shahnameh.
Veda .
Vishtasb A character from Shahnameh.
Yama .
Zal A character from Shahnameh.
Zand  .
Zardusht Zoroaster


Old Tajik Names from Avesta

The following list of names  is taken from Khordah Avesta and the meaning of the names comes from an English translation of Khorda Avesta. These names are used in Avesta to refer to the Wise Lord, Auramazda

       1. A-duî (Without dualism)
       2. A-chem (Without cause)
       3. A-khuãn (Sleepless)
       4. A-bîsh (Above suffering)
       5. A-tars (Fearless)
       6. A-farmôsh (All-remembering)
       7. A-zamân (Timeless)
       8. A-gûmãn (Above doubt)
       9. A-farefah (Undeceiver)
      10. A-satôh (Unconquerable)
      11. Âb-tum (Creator of Water)
      12. Abadah (Without beginning)
      13. Abarîn-nô-tavãn (The Great Rejuvenator)
      14. Abarîn-kuhan tavãn (Lord of Creation from time unknown)
      15. Abarvand (Above all)
      16. Abarzâ (All-bestower)
      17. Abî-anjãm (Without end)
      18. Âdar-nam-gar (Maker of vapor (water) by fire)
      19. Âdar-Kîbarît-tum (Maker of fire out of stone)
      20. Âdar-bâd-gar (Maker of smoke (gas) by fire)
      21. Âdarô (Most Righteous)
      22. Âekh-tan (Unique)
      23. Afazâ (Helper)
      24. Afrâzdum (Most Glorious)
      25. Agarâ gar (Creator of four elements of nature)
      26. Agarâgar-gar (Creator of constellation of stars)
      27. Ahû (Lord of Life)
      28. Ahuramazd (Lord of Creation and Wisdom)
      29. Âin-âênah (Unchanging)
      30. Âmasht (Clever)
      31. Amînô-gar (Creator of High spirituality)
      32. An-aiyâfah
      33. An-aoshak (Immortal)
      34. Ân-âinah (Formless)
      35. Avakshhiâêyâ (Generous)
      36. Awakshîdâr (Forgiver)
      37. Bâd-gar-jâê (Creator of Wind)
      38. Bâd-nam-gar (Maker of water out of vapor)
      39. Bâd-gerad-tum (Maker of air and earth)
      40. Bâd-âdar-gar (Maker of fire out of gases)
      41. Bâd-gêl-gar (Maker of ashes (earth) out of gas)
      42. Bê-farêfah (Undeceivable)
      43. Bêsh-tarnâ (Compassionate)
      44. Bôkhtâr (Redeemer)
      45. Bûneshtêh (Root of Creation)
      46. Chamag (Great Cause)
      47. Chamanâ (Cause of all causes)
      48. Dâdâr (Creator of justice)
      49. Dâvar (Dispenser of justice)
      50. Farmãn-kãm (His Will is Law)
      51. Farsak (Fulfiller of wishes)
      52. Fashûtanâ (Careful Progressor)
      53. Fîrôzgar (Victorious)
      54. Frâkhtan-têh (Final end)
      55. Frashôgar (Frashagar - Resurrector)
      56. Gar-â-gar (Creator of men)
      57. Gar-ô-gar (Granter of wishes)
      58. Gar-gar (Great Artificer)
      59. Gar-â-gar-gar (Creator of all Creation)
      60. Gêl-nam-gar (Creator of Water out of earth)
      61. Gêl-vâd-gar (Creator of Gas out of earth)
      62. Gêl-âdar-gar (Creator of Fire out of earth (as in a volcano))
      63. Gîrâ (All Controlling)
      64. Ham-aiyâfah (All understanding)
      65. Ham-chûn (The Same)
      66. Hamârnâ (Reckoner)
      67. Har-nek-farêh (Best Auspicious Khoreh (Aura))
      68. Har-hamîd (All-helping)
      69. Harvastum (Most Supreme)
      70. Harvesp tavãn (All-powerful)
      71. Harvesp khudâ (Master of All)
      72. Harvesp âgâh (All-knowing)
      73. Hu-sepâs (Worthy of praise)
      74. Iyânah (Protector of Creation)
      75. Kãmêrad (Master of His Will)
      76. Kêrfêgar (Master of righteousness)
      77. Khâwar (All-kindness)
      78. Khôremand (Brilliant)
      79. Khrôshîdtum (Firm amongst firm)
      80. Khudâvand (Master of Creation)
      81. Khvâfar (Benevolent Judge)
      82. Mînô nahab (Hidden in spirituality)
      83. Mînô-stîh-gar (Creator of astral world)
      84. Mînôtum (Invisible)
      85. Nâshâ (Dispenser of equitable justice)
      86. Padmânî (Just)
      87. Pajôh-dahad (Creator of good nature)
      88. Parjatarah (Best of all)
      89. Parvandâ (In tune with all)
      90. Parvarâ (Sustainer)
      91. Rakhôh (All-energetic)
      92. Rayômand (Resplendent)
      93. Safnâ (Benefactor)
      94. Sanâêâ (Omniscient)
      95. Tarônîsh (Destroyer of evil)
      96. Tum-afik (Purest of pure)
      97. Varûn (Savior)
      98. Vâsnâ (Omni-present)
      99. Vaspãn (Lord of Universe)
     100. Vaspâr (All-giver)
     101. Yazad (Worshipful or Admirable)
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