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Discussions about transition to the Persian alphabet in Tajikistan going when all world goes on a way of integration. Are integrated all. For example, nations of Europe are united in the European Union, where now 28 countries-members (in their 1957 was six). People wish to be together, to make common cause, develop, live better.

But our Tajikistan costs on a crossroads. Being on political and economic feasibility in space of the Central Asia and a member of such organizations as Shanhay Org., the United Nations, etc., it was not defined yet in cultural space. As it is easy to 7 million people to be dissolved in the Chinese billion, Russian and Turkic millions. Our natural cultural space is Afghanistan and Iran.

Therefore, to discussion about transition from cyrillics on the Persian alphabet once again from the end 80 it is possible to consider returning natural.

In view of available acute problems, today there are all attributes of crisis of the Tajik nation. For example, destruction of the Tajik school of the Soviet sample and the unsuccessful policy of the state in this sphere have led to growth of illiteracy which, in turn, promotes prosperity of immorality, corruption, etc. Before us there is an eternal question: what to do?

Some people suggest to return to our ancestors alphabet. This idea has supporters and opponents. And both those, and others search for arguments in history. In other words, driving a car, they look only in a mirror of a back kind. At such driving our machine will inevitably be broken.

Supporters of this idea result arguments, that the Persian alphabet will open to us a way to "libraries" of our antiquity, modern Iran and Afghanistan, will facilitate access through persian mass-media in world mass-media. Opponents as one "political scientist", beg to not leave from Russia. They think that this step will lead to destabilization of conditions. In their opinion, today we too differ from Iranians and Afghans. I do not know, what motivations has these ideas.

To Iran and Afghanistan we are necessary so, as how much necessary to Russia, the USA and another. But all - Russia, China, the USA and all to whom not laziness - will try, that we did not become the Islamic state, as they. Politically they are closed for us. Even economically everyone will interfere with introduction of the Iranian capital in our economy. It does not depend on us. These are rules of "the big game" which to us to not change. And let powers at us will borrow in the game. Only let do not specify with whom to us to be, and with whom to not be. If they are our partners, Iran and Afghanistan - our family. They are not neighbours, they are our brothers. These are the countries where we are children of Rudaki, instead of Ravshan and Jumshud (Russian comics about Tajik migrants). With them we can study in language, dialogue, culture, morals. With them we are visitors and brothers, instead of "churki".

As to Russia not different what alphabet Tajiks use. Armenians and the Georgian has different alphabet? But it is impossible to tell, that Russia is friends of Armenia and at enmity with Georgia because of the alphabet. Russia is friends of Iran, they are not stirred by the Persian writing. It is possible! Then why our alphabet should stir to our attitudes with Moscow? For Russia it is important, that Tajikistan was the friendly country and the reliable partner. Russia are necessary greater economic objects, "Window", military base in Tajikistan which should provide its leadership in CA, the CIS and ShOS.

Not clearly one: transition to the Persian alphabet is not directed on rapproachement with Iran and Afghanistan, and against Russia. We do it not for Iranians and Afghans, and not against Russian. We do it for ourselves. We are Tajiks, and Tajiks, fortunately or to misfortune - iranians, moslems. As speak, parents do not choose.

Other party of a question: many our Turkic neighbours pass to the latin alphabet. It is not necessary to deceive itself that in Uzbekistan this project has failed. Official Tashkent will not dare to be dishonoured before the world. They will finish business. And how to be to us? To pass on Persian or to be content with cyrillics? Writing which except for Slavs ANYBODY in the world does not use.

Show, please, Russian, Ukrainians, or other Slav whom read the Tajik text on cyrillics and would understand though a word? Cyrillics - for Slavs is alphabet, and for us - a transcription. Words about transition to a Latin and the Persian writing therefore sound.

Arabian the schedule was and remains our natural alphabet. The great property of our nation is created on it. This alphabet so did not serve anybody, as served us. We shall be compelled to pass to this alphabet, sooner or later. If we shall not make it, our children will make. Therefore now before us should cost only one question: when and how to pass? Simply process should go under the control, over any agiotage.

Fakhriddin Kholbek
Tajik newspaper Asia plus (
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