Farsi, Persian, or Iranian?

By Ali Jafarey

Introduction: There are about 6,000 languages in the world. They are known either by the name of the original tribe, nation, country or cause. There is English originally spoken by the Angles, Turkish spoken by the original Turkic nation, Hindi spoken by the people of the country of India, and Urdu created in the camp (urdu) of the Mogul Emperors by the intermingling of Persian and Indic. It shows the diversity of naming the languages. The naming, however, has not confined any language to its native speakers or stopped it from spreading outside the original boundary. English, originally confined to England, and even today spoken by 54 million White ‘Englanders’, has reached 514 million speakers, out of whom 350 million speak it as their second language. It is the most widely spoken language of the world. Urdu, the ‘camp’ language of definitely less than 100,000 soldiers and servants, has, within 400 years, about 500 million speakers. It is the mother tongue of 275 million and the second language of 225 million.

Farsi: This brings us to Farsi, Persian or Iranian. Fârsi is but another form of Pârsi, and it means belonging to Fârs/Pârs, always a state or province of Iran. Although Darius the Great, Achaemenian King-of-Kings, and his descendents call themselves as Pârsa, Persian and also their land as Pârsa, their language is Ârya, Aryan (Iranian). If that was the case during the Achaemenian period (550-330 BCE), then why is it known by the name of Fârsi/Pârsi by its speakers today?

Tehran to host Iran-Tajikistan Friendship Week


Posted: 2008/12/02
From: MNN
Iran-Tajikistan Friendship Week will be organized here by Melal (nations) Cultural Center affiliated to Tehran Municipality's Cultural Artistic Organization from December 10.

Announcing this, head of the cultural complex, Behnam Khadem told IRNA Monday that exchange of culture, traditions and customs between the two Muslim Persian-speaking nations and making the Tehranis aware about Tajik culture are among the objectives for holding the week.

Iran-Tajikistan Friendship Week will open in Melal, Students, Family, Women and Girls cultural centers on December 10, he noted.

Khadem added that some 19 Tajik artists involved in music and handicrafts sectors will take part in the event.

Performance of Tajik local and national music, exhibits of books, handicrafts and screening films on culture and history of the country, planting peace and friendship saplings are among the programs of the week, he said.

Meanwhile, a booklet on Iran and Tajikistan's culture, traditions and customs will also be released, he noted.

Iran-South Korea Friendship Week was held earlier while Iran-Malaysia Friendship Week is slated for March. --IRNA

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