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The long wait is finally over! TOLO TV has commenced its test broadcast in Europe and North America. 

To watch TOLO TV you do not need to subscribe, it is available free of charge provided you have a satellite receiver and a decoder. Just give your local satellite installer our satellite details and they know the rest.

We would also like to invite you all to make comments on this thread below about your experiences and comments. We are currently testing our signal and would appreciate any comments on technical issues such as quality of video and sound and sync issues. 

We will be launching our official schedule on and from Saturday 7 June 2008 and would appreciate all comments about our various programs. You are also welcome to comment on each progarm in the relevant program section of our website.

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Tajiks of Uzbekistan


Dariush Rajabian

Freedom of expression brought by perestroika in the late 1980s is described as a double-edged sword for many Central Asian governments. Accepted axioms and decades-long established facts were put in doubt and history was about to be re-written. Among many other cases Uzbekistan’s demography was independently re-scrutinized by Tajik intelligentsia in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and claims were made about the inaccurate census statistics that put the number of Tajiks in Uzbekistan under one million. The process of Tajik national awakening was interrupted by a brutal civil war in 1992 and the reverse process accompanied by Tashkent’s swift repressive measures is still going on. Tajikistanweb will look into the past and present of Tajiks in Uzbekistan in a series of articles.

The post-perestroika years were abundant with talks about Uzbek chauvinism and Tajik irredentism that cast shadow over Tajik-Uzbek relations. The rise of national consciousness among Tajiks of both neighbouring republics appeared to be the gravest threat to Uzbekistan’s plans to build a uniethnic, unicultural and unisectarian state. The 1924 and 1929 national territorial delimitations as one of the most neglected areas of Soviet inter-ethnic relations were discussed among both republics’ academic circles. Facts that became widely known did not please the Uzbek authorities at all.

A process that began by the end of the 19 th century to promote a Central Asian Turkic national consciousness at the expense of the Persian one was inherited by the Soviet nomenklatura of the region. "The Pan-Turkists had their own interpretation for Karl Marx' slogan, "Proletariats of the world Unite!" In their version, the slogan "international union of all the workers of all countries" and "the oppressed peoples of the world" were changed to "a union of all the Turks." (Rahim Masov, The History of a National Catastrophe).


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