MPs accuse Karzai of fuelling ethnic clash

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Karzai accused of playing political games with Hazara-Kuchi dispute

MEMBERS of Parliament have accused President Karzai of deliberately stoking the flames that surround the growing dispute between Hazaras and Kuchis, which human rights workers fear could break out into ethnic violence.

A handful of MPs blamed Karzai yesterday (Monday) for the current tension between the two groups, which was triggered last month when ethnic Hazaras accused Kuchis of taking their land by force.

MPs say Karzai is fuelling the land dispute by supporting the Pashtun-dominated Kuchis in an attempt to gain popularity among Pashtuns before the 2009 presidential elections.

Farah province’s MP, Naim Farahi, said today in Parliament: “It’s some kind of campaign by President Hamid Karzi to show Pashtun people ‘I’m with you’, to win their support. It’s part of his campaign for the next election.” 


Hazara-Kuchi feud forces MPs to wax lyrical


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Boycott leads MPs to recite poetry in front of empty Parliament

MEMBERS of Parliament resorted to reciting poetry during today’s session because of a boycott triggered by the growing land dispute between Hazaras and Kuchis.

More than 50 MPs spent today (Saturday) wandering aimlessly through Parliament’s corridors after boycotting the Lower House’s session in anger at comments made by a Kuchi MP last week.

On April 7, one of the Kuchi MPs said that all Afghanistan’s different ethnicities were immigrants and that Kuchis alone were the true owners of the country’s land.

Today’s boycott was held in protest at the MP's comments, a move that led to a session bordering on the surreal as MPs tried to fill the time by reciting poetry.

Kabul MP Mohammad Mohqeq said: “We are not happy with the Kuchi MP’s declaration that all Afghans are immigrants except for Kuchis, so we boycotted the session.”

At the end of last month, thousands of Hazaras demonstrated in Kabul, accusing the nomadic Kuchis of using weapons to grab territory in the Hazara heartland of Hazarajat.


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